Solid food

Zayyan had his 6 month checkup yesterday with his paed, Dr Sharmila. We discussed about his development and he had his vaccinations. Then we talk about his solid food. When I mentioned that I am on the 4 day rule, she said the rule is an overstatement. She disagree and suggested that we give Z a variety kinds of food as early on. But at the same time just monitor anything usual for the sake of precaution. It is highly unlikely that he’ll get allergies. InsyaAllah I pray he will have no allergies. Sihat selalu kan dik?

Alrighty I started on rice and steamed carrot. Blended of course. Hope he likes it!

On a different note, after 4 days on solids, his poops has changed tremendously! Oh my! Suddenly I miss the easy-peasy-to-handle-exclusive-breastfed poopy! Euww, I know! But talk to any moms, they would understand what I’m talking about. Haha!


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