The first week at Treetop House

The first day started well. I made him sleep early the night before, so he was “fresh” waking up in the morning. No drama! Thank God!

Good morning! I'm ready, let's go to school!!

Just arrived

Temperature checking before entering the school. Parents pun kena check sama.

Every morning, when the kids arrive, they will go to the dining hall to have their breakfast. The breakfast time is as and when basis meaning there’s no specific time kumpul budak ramai2 makan sama2. Sapa sampai dulu makan dulu and when they are done, terus masuk class where the teachers will be waiting (class starts at 8.45am). I think IY will learn to be independent sebab breakfast time ni tak de cikgu around (unless cikgu yang memang tengah makan breakfast sekali kat situ). Yang ada just the dining hall lady yang tolong put the food dalam plate and tuang air. The other kids yang dah biasa seems to be familiar with everything there, dah tau nak amik pinggan kat mana, nak wash hands kat mana and lepas makan angkat pinggan kotor masuk basket and terus masuk class. For the first 2 days, I’ve been accompanying IY for his breakfast time and only leave when he’s already in the classroom. Next week rasa macam nak just drop him off and biar dia buat sendiri, tapi macam tak sampai hati pulak. Maybe I’ll teman him for another week. Tengok lah macam mana.

The teacher was showing the way to collect their breakfast from the dining hall counter

It's breakfast time!

The dining hall

IY’s classroom is upstairs for the 3.5yo to 4yo kids. Ada 13 students in his class tapi masa first day tu only 5 je yang datang. His class teachers are Ms Sarah and Ms Elaine.

Hallway to his classroom

His own shoe space

And his own pigeon hole for his bag

IY's teacher Ms Sarah showing him around

IY's classroom

The mini library in the classroom

His lunch time is at 11.30am and school ends at 12.30pm. When he saw me entering the classroom picking him up at 12, he said “kenapa mama cepat sangat datang?” Haha! Sampai tak nak balik ye sayang? Maybe dia tak faham lagi the idea that he’ll be coming to school EVERYDAY. Dia rasa macam tak puas lagi explore the classroom kot. Ms Sarah commented that IY is an independant boy. Semua pun nak buat sendiri. For example, pegi toilet from A-Z dia buat sendiri.

Having fruits after his lunch

Every classroom ada toilet sendiri. Since IY is newly toilet-trained, first skali masuk class I tanya cikgu where is the toilet? Then I brought IY to show him the toilet and everything there. Nak make sure dia tahu nak buat apa. Luckily, dia terasa nak shi shi masa tu so kitaorg practise terus. Lega la sikit tengok dia boleh capai pipe, tissue and ada stool IKEA kecik for him to panjat naik the bowl.

The toilet - clean and big

Masa first day tu we left about 10-15mins after watching him settling down. On the second day I just sent him kat pintu class dengan Zayyan ikut sekali. Siap kiss adik bye  bye and proudly said “adik, ni la sekolah abang!”

The play area outside - spacious

So there goes the first two days. He seems to be enjoying school, which I am so bersyukur that I don’t need to pujuk-paksa ke sekolah setiap hari. Everything pasal sekolah he will willingly do. That’s a good start for the many many years of schooling to come.



17 thoughts on “The first week at Treetop House

    • Hi Lisa,
      Yes very impressive kan? I pun jakun masa first time gi visit masa dok survey kindy for him aritu.

      The dining hall is so comel semua pun dalam kids size..rendah2 je.

      School is located kat Jalan U Thant behind the US Embassy. I ada email you of the other details.

  1. I best school ilhan..teruja i..can u email to me the fees also..Rayyan baru 3years i just hantar dia kat kinddy area umah my parents (pantai hillpark) so that senang depa nk amik hantar..and i ingat nk bg rayyan get along with other kids son sgt manja with grandparents dia..smpi nk g kindy pun susah.

    • Ok I dah email u the details requested.

      Actually this school accepts toddlers as young as 18 months old. Sebab dia more towards playschool and learning through playing. IY tak bawak stationery pun pegi sekolah. Dalam beg dia ada baju extra and bekal makan/air dia je.

      I think IY is not having trouble with kindy sebab dia dah biasa duduk taska. Dah biasa mingle around with other kids. Cuma the school is a big transition for him in terms of routine and listening to instructions. Tak boleh nak main sesuka hati.

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