Wedding Planning

Kita sidetrack sikit. *wearing my wedding planner hat*

When my parents serahkan to me tugas to plan the bro’s wedding, of course I can’t do it alone. I have to outsource. With IY & Z in tow, jangan harap saya dapat mengikat ribbon, menepek kertas apatah lagi menggubah hantaran. I googled for affordable wedding planners in Malaysia and found Tie The Knot. Sherly is her name. I contacted her and we have been emailing each other for the past few months now. So far she’s okay. I’m reserving my reviews and comments until I see the end result.

Today we meet for the first time at the Putrajaya Hall. There’s a wedding today and the hall organizer allowed us to go in to discuss further on the hall deco and event flow. She took pictures and suggested this and that. As long as she’s in the budget limit, I okay saja. I wanted her to do the hantaran too but she’s trying to focus on the deco and event planning only. So my hantaran is still uncheck.

Here is the picture of the hall. Muat 1000 orang at one time.

Dewan Sri Siantan Putrajaya

For the wedding favours, I chose Ole Ole Manis to work with. She’s also so far an easy person to work with. Cepat reply email and pandai kasi suggestions without offending my taste. Deposit paid and she’ll deliver everything to the hall the night before the wedding. Malam before tu Sherly will be there with her team to start working on the hall. I will be there too to be the mandor. Ahaks! Senang kan? Tak payah nak fikir ikat itu, tampal ini.

Photographer tak sah kalau bukan Kak Chik kan? But this time it is not LittleBig Shots. It’s Myshots Wedding. Deposit paid and all set.

Next in the check list will be the caterer. Will be having a meeting with him and daddy next Monday. Should be no problem as daddy knows what he wants. He’s in control in the food department.

Will update more when there’s an update. Seronok jugak plan wedding ni coz I’m not the bride so there’s no bridezilla moments. Groomzilla moments tak mungkin berlaku kot. Kalau ada, siap la kena pelangkong dengan kakak ni. Keh keh keh!

Wedding planner hat is now off for now.


2 thoughts on “Wedding Planning

  1. Wah Kak Chik got the job! cayalah!
    Dewan Sri Siantan ni dkt Perbadanan Putrajaya ke? Mcm tempat Hijaz & Anne kahwin dulu je 2nd floorkan? Maybe i can share the hall pics if sama.

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