The thyroid follow up

Today is Gee’s follow up checkup with his endocrinologist Dr Faridah. She wanted to see his progress after a month makan ubat hormon that she prescribed in December.

Alhamdulillah, he has gained 3kg since last month. The symptoms are gone and he is serasi with the meds with no side effects (doctor did warn us on the side effects and we need to inform her if he has any). Then the doc did a round of blood test and the result came out amazingly well. Lega sangat-sangat.

His T3 level was previously 44 came down to 6.5. And T4 level was 99 last month but this month dah jadi 18. That’s great news!

As much as he is excited about the reading (which I am!), he is more excited that he could play football again. Dia kata macam orang berpantang pulak for the past month – now dah merdeka. *me rolling eyes..whateves!*. Asalkan awak sihat dear.

He still needs to be on medication until June 2013 but the dosage will be reduced from time to time. Because of the hereditary nature of the disease, it might come back, so he needs to berjaga-jaga all his life.

So the next follow up will be next month. Hoping he’ll maintain this good progress. Amin.



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