Z’s eating now

Remember I was telling in my previous entry that Z susah nak makan despite the yummy fruits I prepared for him? Looks like Z is not the fruity type after all. Or maybe he’s the picky fruity type. Just bananas and pumpkins in the food feeder.

Well, Z turned 7 months yesterday and I decided to add protein and vegetables in his menu now. So I made him rice porridge with diced chicken. Then I added steamed broccoli into the porridge – pastu all blended into a smoothie. Looks yucky because of the green broccoli. But it’s so sedap. Masa masak tu I dok rasa sikit and I was thinking if Z didn’t like this, I’m going to put some kicap and eat it myself! Of course for Z no salt no sugar added.

The babysitter sms me during lunch time saying that Z loved the porridge! Habis dia makan semua. Wahh today mama has to make 2 portions la nampaknye. Selalu 1 tupperware je and Aliya will just split it into 2 portions for mid day meal and petang meal. I can’t wait for the weekend to come nak suap dia makan sendiri and tengok dia habiskan food dia. Feeding him fruits dulu was a drama! Well, mostly drama from the mommy lah. Stress tengok dia makan sikit sangat.

Mommies out there, selain broccoli,carrots, what other sayur yang your kids suka? I need ideas.



10 thoughts on “Z’s eating now

    • Thanks for the ideas..will try nanti.

      Yup boleh letak EBM tapi I ni tak letak coz I don’t have banyak stock. Yang ada cuma cukup2 utk dia consume when I’m at work je.

  1. Gibran used to love bayam, french beans, cauliflower, potatoes, peas, sweet potatoes, errr gosh i cant remember what else. In short i juz gave him anything n everything. Blended/pureed just like wat ure doing, with bubur nasi and fish or chicken. I started on red meat when gibran was 9 months old. Yay for zayyan dah mkn byk budak besar 😉

  2. pumpkin! my son suke gile.. though the sister pun last time suke jugak.. my 8 months i baru bg ikan tu pun tenggiri. salmon x bg lg.. chicken i x brani coz dia ade eczema takut bile tang gatal2 worse plak..

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