IY at Treetop House – January

So far he loves the school. I have no problem waking him up now because – he wakes up sendiri! There were occasional morning dramas, but in general he’s a morning person.

Everyday he comes back with stories of his drawings, his play time at the playground, his lunch, his friends and his teachers. Everyday Thursday is water play day. The kids will be outside playing with water. Kena la bekalkan swimming suit and towel dalam school bag dia. I have no idea what they do during the waterplay but IY’s been telling me ada main pistol air and water everywhere.

January calendar is mostly about the CNY. Banyak artwork dia yang pasal CNY. Dragons, lion dance, angpow packets, oranges, etc. Balik rumah dok nyanyi lagi Gong Xi Gong Xi. He even brought back a CNY card made for us. Kat dalam tulis “Dear Mommy and Daddy..Happy Chinese New Year. From, Ilhan”. Belasah je la nak oii! Dia cuti seminggu until next Monday 30th. On Tuesday there will be a CNY celebration at his school – siap ada dragon dance semua. I received the newsletter from school via email the other day cakap kids tak payah pakai baju sekolah on that day. They can dress up for the event. Hmm…nak kasi IY pakai apa ye? Samfoo kah? Hehe!

Cuti tinggal 2 hari lagi and he is missing his teachers already. He kept asking when is he going to see Ms Sarah and Ms Elaine. Abang rindu kat teacher. Amboi!

His CNY artwork - kat tepi tu card dia buat for us

The rest of his artwork

So that’s January.



2 thoughts on “IY at Treetop House – January

    • Baru January..mak nye tengah rajin. Hehe!

      Tapi I mmg I took the pictures for keepsake sebab for sure dalam masa beberapa hari lagi kertas tu semua akan entah ke mana2 dah.

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