Breastfeeding: Latest EBM consumption

I wrote once about how Z drinks a lot in a day during the first 6 months. 6 bottles of 4oz is considered a lot. Mak nye jenuh pulun pump siang dan malam.

Then, the first month of him eating, the consumption turun ke 5 bottles of 3.5oz. Tapi masa tu dia makan main-main je. So milk was still his #1.

Now that he’s really eating, I only bekalkan 4 bottles of of 3.5oz to the babysitter everyday. That’s really a relief on my pumping duties. Stress level pun menurun.

But he’s a night feeder. Boy oh boy, he really empties me out by Subuh time. I used to pump in the morning when I wake up. But now, nothing comes out. Kering! And I usually wakes up in the morning sangat la haus. Blame it to the laziness and sleepiness to wake up in the middle of the night to drink after all that Z-feeding.

Come to think of it, Z might be a reverse cycler now. Looks like it. Siang minum sikit, tapi when he’s with me, pantang di offer. Nganga saja.



6 thoughts on “Breastfeeding: Latest EBM consumption

    • Maybe growth spurt jugak kan.

      My morning pumping dulu is about 4oz now jadi 1oz je..sometimes ada few drops je dalam botol tu.

      Yes lega cuma tang EBM frozen tu je masih tak puas hati. Kalau dapat penuhkan freezer balik baru happy. Risau juga saat2 tak terduga emergency ke apa.

      Next timbang is in March masa checkup 9 bulan. Tapi every month I timbang dia sendiri kat rumah. Or kalau masa Gee checkup, I singgah clinic paed dia tumpang nak timbang.He is currently 7.3kg.

  1. Just a suggestion, maybe u could try feeding him on one breast je from midnight onwards so that by subuh u can get alot frm that un-drank side..? Coz thats what i used to do with gibran dulu and i still do that sometimes with ilan when i need to pump in the morning.

    • That was my strategy too before..during the early months. But lately tak jalan lah. He became restless even more when drinking on a not so full tank. Lagi byk kali lagi dia bgn for more feedings and this mommy needs her beauty sleep. Hehe…

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