Kite flying

I’ve been wanting to take IY to the park in Kepong where it is famous for its kite flying activities. But the weather was not too kind lately. So asyik postponed je lah. Finally semalam dapat jugak bawak. Actually kat mana-mana park pun boleh je kan. Tapi tak feel la kalau takde ramai-ramai main sama. Especially when you kinda forgot how to fly a kite. Takde la malu sangat kalau layang-layang kita si Zayyan pun boleh capai. Hik hik hik!

Masa sampai tu still sunny and hot

Pegi taman kita ber Mei Tai ya! Mama needs to burn some (or maybe a lot) of calories!

We went there early around 4ish sebab kalau lambat there will be no parking space. And we left early too sebab tak nak caught in the traffic kat Batu Caves tu. Thaipusam is just around the corner and of course Batu Caves is a no no place to go if you have no business doing there.

Stalls berderet kat luar taman tu jual kites..from Batman to Spiderman to Princess to so many designs

And as expected, he picked this!

IY of course sangat teruja sebab ni something new to him. Tapi bila si ayah agak gagal menaikkan layang-layang tinggi ke awan, dia macam nak cranky. Luckily mama dah siap sedia dengan bubble gun to distract him. So he was busy with the bubbles pulak while ayah dengan gigih tried to fly the kite as high as possible.

Aksi anak dan ayah yang gigih menaikkan layang-layang

Dia excited main bubbles pulak with the bubble gun..tak yah dah jenuh nak tiup through the holes. Senang - tembak je!

Not easy to have a decent picture with that bubble gun in his hand!

Si ayah masih gigih walaupun si anak dah sibuk dengan buih-buih berterbangan

After a while, we moved on to the playground kat area sebelah sana and seperti biasa IY melepaskan geram memanjat berlari dan seangkatan dengannya. I noticed that IY will run to the climbing equipment first everytime he’s at the playground. Never the swings never the slides. Selalu dia tuju yang panjat-panjat je dulu.

His favourite - climbing!

And more climbing

By 6pm we were at MIL’s already. We were spending the night there. IY requested to play some more bubbles outside in the garden before his shower.

Mulut comot makan ice cream...tak menyempat nak lap. Bubbles dulu!

Kereta ayah pun jadi mangsa - trying to be helpful to "wash" the window with the bubbles

Hasilnya = he slept from 7pm to 7am. No dinner no milk. Pecah rekod!


3 thoughts on “Kite flying

  1. patut aa knock off terus masa dinner tuh! hehe..kena gi lagi ni reramai eh. memang best! u guys kena gi area tengah2 sikit angin dia stronger situ. All the kites berterbangan di langit such a beautiful sight! 🙂

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