I was never in the craze of the bubble flavoured milk tea hype. Coz I don’t drink tea. Occasionally yes. But I’m not a tea person per se. So tidaklah saya ambil pusing apa je brand or kiosk yang jual bubble pearl tea tu.

Until I saw my SIL put on her FB that Chatime ada Longan Red Dates Pearl drink. Ahaa! That caught my attention!! And it’s tea-less…lagi la this mommy likes!

I had my first taste of the drink last weekend kat Pavillion outlet. Memang sedap. But a little too sweet for my liking despite the half sugar request. Tunggu ice cair baru terasa sedap.

Pastu second time around I found out ada lagi satu outlet near my home..singgah la kejap after groceries shopping today. This time with less sweetness – aaahh much better.

Longan and Red Dates Slight Sugar with Pearl - Suka!

Ada lagi satu drink I suka beli kat Midvalley. Lupa dah nama dia. Air longan dia sedap. Tapi kadang2 dia letak banyak sangat ice. Slurpp sikit dah abis dah! Kiosk dia depan Pizza Hut kot kalau tak silap kat LG.

Dear BF mommies, kat mana lagi ada jual air longan red dates yang sedap2 – sharing is caring ya!!



6 thoughts on “Chatime

  1. you notice tak rasa dia mcm jasmine sikit? i memula x berapa suka, but now loving it…and the best part it wawa and Tain x suka! so i can enjoy it by myself! hehe! naughty me!
    Try Gong Cha kat KLCC only have Tea Red Dates & Longan so that one no-no for you. Next we are trying the Japanese version bubble tea pulak! Will alert you if ada Longan Red Dates jugak ya. Btw Chatime is my No.1 fav so far!

    • Tak perasan pulak rasa jasmine tu.

      Ilhan mmg tak minum coz dia cakap tu “air ubat mama”. Gee suka gak yg bubbles tu tapi dia tak minum sangat. We didn’t let IY minum sebab mostly tea based kan. So Chatime is “air ubat mama ayah” to him. Haha!

      Boleh je I try Gong Cha tu. Tp just for the sake nak rasa sekali dua boleh la. I tak minum tea sangat sebab caffeine I boleh migraine nanti. Furthermore BF pun tak galakkan caffeine kan. So I better avoid je. Hopefully I won’t get addicted to Gong Cha!

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