Medela sparekits

Somewhere in November I noticed that whenever I pump, I hear a huffing and puffing sound. Macam bunyi keluar angin. Not from the motor, but from the breastshield that connects the tubing and the softfits. I emailed my seller and seek for her advise. She said it might be because the membranes inside the connectors dah haus. Lagipun the pump was heavily used since June kan, so wear and tear is normal. In fact, it is recommended to change the spare parts every 6 months.

The connectors

When the parts diceraikan it looks like this - Top: membranes, Middle: breasthield connectors, Down: Back caps

At first I thought takpe lah, belum 6 bulan lagi. Lagipun my production was still ok. Until last month (month 7), my production macam dah kurang sikit. At times,  I was engorged tapi bila pump keluar 3oz je. Which I know is impossible dah berat cam tu dapat 3oz je. Terpaksa resort to the original pump i.e. baby Z to empty the tank!

Esoknye I ordered from for the new sparekits and hopefully the pump now will work better! No more huffing and puffing!

The new sparekits have arrived



9 thoughts on “Medela sparekits

  1. eh sama le kte.. i pun same problem. pun br order kt aja. mula2 ingat soft fit tu so i g beli la then tgk still hasil sgt2 ciput around 2-3oz.. hope nanti sparekits ni smpi problem solve if not mmg susu btul2 drop la ni huhuhuh

  2. I use the old model pump in style but still send it for servicing every 6 months. Seem to help alhmdulillh. If ure interested in bringing ur pump to the medela service center let me knw k, nanti i pass u the details 🙂

    • Thanks dear…Yes I was thinking the same. Nak bawak pi servicing. Either to my seller or to the service centre near Ampang Point right?

      Kalau I need info, I’ll buzz you k? Thanks darling!

  3. A’ah yg dekat ampang point tu. hahahaa when i had gibran noone told me abt the service center till he was abt 10 months old! And by then my sister’s old mini electric pump masa tu dah hancur! Nasib boleh trade in.

    • I pun baru je tahu sejak ada Z ni. Masa survey nak beli Medela dulu I was blog hopping and saw ada orang buat entry about it.

      Masa time IY I was an Avent user. Tak pandai lagi nak ber medela ni. Heh!

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