Gabriel’s birthday

A few weeks ago, IY’s teacher told me that IY was invited to his classmate’s birthday party. There was a card in his school bag. IY dalam kereta tak habis-habis menceceh..”Birthday Gey-bro mama”…Rupanya the name of the boy is GABRIEL. Amboii…slang anak aii!! Hahaha!

The invitation card

Birthday signage

I had no idea who this Gabriel kid was. IY is usually early to school so I never had the chance to meet his friends. We decided to go anyway. Maybe this is a good time for us the parents to get to know each other. But I was nervous nevertheless. To IY, it’s his friend’s party. To me, it’s a stranger’s party. I feel like a party crasher. Haha!

The party was held kat Jungle Gym, Bangsar Shopping Centre. Sampai je terus gi kat registration counter and his ID tag dah ready kat situ.


My name is

Then we met the mommy, she’s a Filipino and daddy is a mat salleh. Chit chat a little bit and off we went into the Jungle Gym play area. The kids were asked to go and play first while waiting for the rest of the guests. Of course IY tersangat la happy. The place reminds me of Critterland. More or less the same layout. Cuma Jungle Gym ni ada skating ring for kids kat luar. Looks like fun tapi not for my IY yet. Err..even I don’t skate. Sat lagi takut kita pegang anak ke anak pegang kita eh?

Skating ring

Apa lagi..wall climbing la dia!

There's a big slide..tapi IY takut tinggi sangat. That's 2 of his friends coming down

The insides

Volcano balls

Dia sibuk main tembak-tembak bola

Makan time!

Nuggets,fishballs and sausage...IY requested for the ketchup! Buat macam rumah sendiri

With the birthday boy

There's a book in the party pack..Bagus!! No crappy jajan stuff!

In case you are interested to bring your kids here, this picture is for you.


Oh not forgetting Adik Z..he sure had fun too!

This is Z enjoying himself

Tengok la camera adik! He's busy watching the big kids play

By 3pm we went home..mama and ayah were famished coz the party was really for the kids. Parents ada finger foods je and our tummy were not prepared. Malaysian birthday party je yang mak bapak makan bagai nak rak. Heh!!



4 thoughts on “Gabriel’s birthday

  1. Hahahaha ure so right abt msians punye bday party je yg cater mcm nak rak to d parents! So whenever we go to non-malaysians’ parties, we always fill our tummies first! Lol

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