IY is diaper free now during the nights! *let’s do the chicken dance*

We didn’t really train for that. It wasn’t planned. We forgot to put the diapers on him one night. Sekali tengok he was still dry in the morning. So we tried again the next night (with extra duvets and plastic in case of kes terbabas) and woohoo still dry.

Good job IY!!

P/S: For the record, he’s 3.9.

Now to the next phase..the public toilet. At the moment, if we are out and foresee limited toilet access, we have his diapers on standby. Yang tu kena slowly ajar dia “tahan”.



13 thoughts on “Success!

  1. yeay..horray..good job. Jimat duit…..

    For long hour travel, standby the empty mineral bottle. always happens babe for case hakeem dah tak dpt nak tahan sgt.

    Mmgla papa akan tanya…”nak pi toilet tak?” before any R&R or petrol station. Macam biasalah….anak akan ckp tak nakla. Tak rasa nak wee wee lah..tak sampai 15 minutes….

    “alamak mama….tak tahan nak pi toilet…adui…mama…dah tak tahan sgt…..” mana nak stop kalo dah masuk highway…bukan senang nak main pull over je….so botol adalah penyelamat…..mmg agak jijiks tapi so far mmg membantu……..

    i tak tahu orang lain…..diorg buat macam mana??…..

  2. Even if he says he doesn’t have to go… Bawak sajer!!! Mesti kench punya… Lama2 dia pandai adjust and awak pun dah boleh agak time dia nak kench… So far our long distance trips, no panic moments alhamdulillah…

    • Yes, I’m doing that too even at home (especially before bed). Apparently, we are treating the birdie as third person now. I would say “Abang, tell you birdie to be a good boy and to tell you when he needs to go. Cakap kat bebird jangan lambat sangat. Bila rasa terus bgtau”. Haha! Works so far.

      Kita even pegi balik school-work-home pun kita standby pampers gak dalam kete. Takut dia tak tahan masa tgh jam.

  3. how did u get him to actually pee in the toilet? i’ve just started toilet training my girl, 2yrs 9mths since masuk 2012 nie. Mula2 mmg sentiasa accident then 2-3 times she actually pee-ed in the toilet. Now mmg she ckp nak kencing, but bila bawak and waited up till 5 mins tak kuar. Then after 10 minutes outside kencingg…even if she tak ckp we still bring her to the toilet. Her issue is now i think dia tahan kencing. How to make her not to tahan? any ideas?

    • Hi Mel,
      Oh it wasn’t easy for me either. Masa dia 2 thn lebih tu mmg susah sangat. Same case like you, dia tak pandai agak bila nak pegi toilet. Kat toilet pun tunggu lama pun tak kuar. masa tu I kasi dia pakai training pants dulu. Kalau terbabas pun tak leak kat luar. And I kept on doing what you are doing now.

      I don’t think u need to worry about “tahan kencing”. I don’t think kids paham what is “tahan kencing”. It’s just that they needs practice to control the bladder muscle je.

      He really berjaya kencing kat toilet sendiri and no more terbabas masa dia 3.7 dear…see how long it takes for me? Org lain terre je anak kecik lagi dari tu dah potty train. I pun tak tau macam mana dia pandai. I guess practice make perfect kot. Also the age factor. 3 thn lebih dah mature sikit.

      I had a love-hate relationship with potty training.
      Potty training mmg memerlukan kesabaran yang tinggi!

  4. Sgt membantu post ni… just went to see the midwife semlm coz dia nak tgk development qirah and one of her question was have I thought to give the potty training..n i was erkkk awal lagi kot. hhehehe.. so i ckp i nak cuba masa dia 30 bln,.. n dia kata mmg its still early, saje je nak test i tau ke tak kot heheheh.. so u start trying masa dia 2 thn lebih gak lah i kena tanamkan kesabaran yg banyak lah utk ni starting from now la ye

    • Happy to share.

      A’ah bolehla kalau nak cuba2 dulu…try beli training pants tu dulu and kasi dia pakai. try for a few hours dulu and introduce her to the toilet bowl.

      I banyak kali give up dulu. Bila mcm stress je asik kencing dalam seluar I kasi balik pakai pampers. I think yang buat I nekad utk potty train sebab dia kena gi sekolah kot. And also sebab pampers dah takde size dah for him. Haha!

      Good luck dear! And selamat bersabar!!

  5. Yayy IY! Yes i think an empty mineral bottle is helpful to have on long journeys. Once we were caught in a jam on karak highway and a bottle came to the rescue πŸ˜‰ but usually we make sure he pees in advance anyway to avoid panic moments. Now there are no panic moments coz dia dah besar. But uh oh beware if dia tgh excited bermain dgn geng geng kawan… They’ll usually ignore the want-to-pee need and would let goooo accidentally for sure. So paling penting bwk pi kencing masa majlis majlis. Hehehe (p/s: once when we were landing on a plane and gibran suddenly said he tak tahan kencing, we had to use the air sickness bag!)

    • Ok dah 2 mommies with the mineral bottle to the rescue. Will take note on that!

      Oh pasal yg main sampai tak ingat nak pee tu selalu terjadi kat daycare. They say dia ralit sangat main dengan kawan2 sampai terlupa. Tiba2 dah terbabas dah.

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