The little screamer

That’s Z!

I notice that Z suka menjerit. Or sometimes bunyi macam meneran pun ada. Whenever he wants attention..or showing his frustration he will scream. Which is very new to me sebab IY was never like that. IY dulu kalau menangis, bunyi dia sayu je macam minta dikasihani. But Z kalau menangis, dia lepaskan perasaan dia. All out!

Betul la orang dok kata…setiap anak adalah berbeza. They are unique in their own way. Sometimes I feel like a first time mommy all over again.

I’m sure my mom will say “tu baru 2 tu”.


4 thoughts on “The little screamer

  1. Hahahahahaa its the same for me! Dah la the gap btwn my two kids is big..sometimes i really feel like a first time mum all over again!

  2. I have to agree with you…earlier I thought after having the 1st one, the 2nd one will like “sap sap sui”…but, actually not!! I’ve 2 kids about ur kids’ age also.. The abang is a calmer & easier to look after…adik is a bit screamer and can cry all out if he couldn’t get mommy’s attention…
    So, sometimes I pun kena blaja from my MIL how to manage both of them..;p

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