The emergency kit

Masa IY dulu I was the kind of mom yang bawak segala isi alam dalam baby bag. Agaknye kalau boleh, nak sumbat semua satu almari dalam bag tu. I was the what ifs kind of mom. Tell me, you all pun macam tu jugak kan? Especially dengan anak sulung. Diaper bag is in the baby cheklist masa pregnant kan?

Tapi itu dulu.

Sekarang with Z, one small non-baby bag dah cukup dah. No more huge diaper bag when jalan-jalan. 2 diapers, 1 set of baju, baby wipes, 1 towel kecik and diaper rash cream dah muat dah dalam satu bag kecik. Sometimes I even sumbat everything in my handbag! Furthermore, IY dah toilet trained, lagi la tak payah bawak apa-apa untuk si abang.

I had one incident the other morning when sending IY to school. Z was being extra cranky in the car. IY tried everything to calm the little brother down. Finally when we reached IY’s school, I picked him up and found the root cause of crankiness – morning call! Sampai dah tembus! Haiyoooh! I kinda panic sebab dalam babysitter bag Z takde diapers (the whole pack is kept at the sitter’s house instead of bawak on a daily basis). Selongkar handbag and found 1 diaper…phew!! Baby wipes memang SENTIASA ada dalam handbag..that was a lifesaver too. Right after the diaper change, Z slept like baby he is. And mommy was late to work – again!

So I vowed that will never happen again. I said to Gee, I have to have an emergency kit in the car. I need to be that what ifs mommy again. But not too the extent like I used to be.

Sejak itu, I kept the emergency kit in the car. A couple of diapers, small towel, baby wipes all tucked in a toiletry bag. Diaper untuk si abang in case of any “tak tahan” incidents in the traffic jam pun ada. I was reading Dr Halina‘s blog and saw her mini bbox essential baby box yang sangat comel. Sangat tempting. Tapi for now, I’ll settle for the the Ampang Puteri toiletry bag dulu.

bboc essential baby box

I like Beep Beep!

So mommies, do you have an emergency kit too?



6 thoughts on “The emergency kit

  1. Wa comelnya box tu! We all only put 2 pampers,bb wipes n suar dlm wawa in e dashboard together with fs car charger.that’s our emergency kit la kot??!! Hehe coz I always bwk bag budak2 ni…coz jenis better bring rather then susah later hehe!

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