The star reward

We have introduced IY to some kind of a reward system. The star reward. I pun tak ingat how did I start. Tetiba je I said “One star for Ilhan Yusuf!” everytime he does something good. Suddenly, dah jadi macam terbiasa pulak saying “2 stars for Abang!”. His face really lit up whenever he got his “star”.

And everytime he’s being naughty, I say “No star for you!!”. He will immediately stop whatever naughty things he’s doing. Nangis pun pernah. Sedih betul kena tarik star. Tak sangka pulak ada affect kat dia. And bear in mind, all these “stars” are imaginary. I never bought any stickers nor I drew anything on his Crayola board. He did request for stickers tapi kejap je..pastu dia lupa dah. I pun malas layan nak beli, nanti dia stick abis satu rumah dikerjakan.

Now dia dah pandai upgrade diri sendiri..”No mama, bukan 1 star..Abang nak 3 lah”. Amboi, pandai demand dah?



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