Fever and Flu

Z caught his (first) bad flu a couple of days ago. Jangkit from si abang. Before this Z pernah flu but just for 1-2 days and gone. As usual, I will double up my Vitamin C intake whenever Z is starting to srot sret srot sret. Breastfeed dia banyak-banyak (dia tak mintak pun offer je) and he’ll be as good as new the next few days. Alhamdulillah.

But this time, he was feverish too. Cranky jangan cerita la kan. Tengah malam terjaga terjerit-jerit mintak attention. Dia tak selesa coz his nose is runny and the aircond is switched off. Berpeluh sakan la si kenit ni.

Masa dia feverish tu, I still sent him to the babysitter thinking he’s the only person she takes care of…so no issues la kan. Kalau daycare baru I particular sikit. I won’t send my kids if they are sick. It won’t be fair to other kids. I hope other parents think the same way too. Oh lagipun, anak sakit ni dia nak TLC lebih sikit from mommy daddy kan?

So back to Z, I told Aliya that he’s a bit feverish and ada runny nose, so be prepared for some crankiness. I also pesan, if he’s too much to handle, please inform me. I’ll pick him up.

By 11am, received a call from her. She never calls. Only sms. So when she called, I sensed it meant something urgent. She said Z refused to eat his porridge and drink his milk. 4 bottles bekal, baru minum 1. Itupun punya seksa nak habiskan. Asyik menangis je. So okay, mommy to the rescue! EL la jawabnya.

Today, the fever has subsided. But the runny nose is still there. I’m giving it another day or so before I resort to medication. Right now I’m still counting on my breastmilk to cure him. I hope the milk will do some magic!

In the meantime, IY is on medication too. Hopefully si abang akan cepat sembuh. Dia suka sangat gomoi adik! Selagi dia tak sembuh, adik pun sama la gayanya.

Ya Allah, please cure my sons. Kesian kat dorang.



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