Nasal spray

This morning Z sneezed out yellowish mucus. Selalunya just white clear liquid je. I became worried. I ni memang cepat je menggelabah bila tang sakit anak ni. Since it’s Saturday, I figured jom la pegi paed. Kalau makin teruk masa weekdays esok lusa ni, nak kena EL lagi pulak (not that I’m complaining! Suka je nak EL, but next week is a bit tight for me at work). So off we went to the hospital. I’m the type who takes my kids to the paed terus. Bukan tak suka GP tapi from my experience, GP ni suka kasi seguni ubat plus antibiotics. I don’t like antibiotics unless it’s REALLY REALLY necessary.

So anyway, we were lucky sebab tak ramai and boleh walk in je. Dr Sharmila checked on Z and everything is okay. Mommy lega! She said Z’s fine. The flu is nothing. Double lega! So she just prescribed nasal spray je for him. No other ubat whatsoever. Tetapi nasal spray ada azab untuk mama dan ayah nak buat. This boy screamsssss macam kena pukul!

Tonimer Baby Nasal Spray

Self reminder: The next time flu happens, nasal spray je!

And oh for the record. Z turns 8 months today at 7.47kg.



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