IY at Treetop House – February

He’s more independent now. No need to teman breakfast in the morning. I can just drop him off and he’ll happily salam kiss and wave goodbye. Masuk sendiri je. Saves more time for me. I can reach the office earlier.

Ms Sara reported that IY is still speaking mainly Malay in class. Sometimes the teachers needs to translate coz he didn’t understand. Well, I don’t expect he speaks fluent English in such short period of time. Although we do speak English at home…Malay is still the main language. I see improvements that his vocab is getting better. It’s just that his sentences are tunggang terbalik and sounds German-ish sometimes..hehe!. Oh well, it’s only been 2 months.

Last week he said to me, “Mama, abang tak payah basuh kencing dengan air tau. Kawan-kawan abang kat school tak basuh pun”. Errkk!!! Oh no!! So I told him that he has to wash himself no matter what his friends do. Haiyaa!! The cons of sending your child to a multiracial school.

February artwork

That's a CNY hat, an orange and a heart-shaped card. Ada lagi dia bawak balik semalam tapi entah ke mana dah peginye.

Dua beradik tengah tengok tv. IY is wearing his CNY hat.

Buli adik - He made his brother wear it pulak



3 thoughts on “IY at Treetop House – February

  1. so cute of Z (last picture)….ttba tringin nak ada baby…tapi my 2 yo umar skrg pun masih BF..kita cuba tarik makin kuat dia nyot nyot……..

    when i said..”ini milk baby”…selamba je dia nyot nyot kuat n pukul muka i tanda protes……

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