Post Angiogram

The procedure went okay. Well, okay in the sense that nothing happened. We were expecting the angiogram to be continued with an angioplasty. An angioplasty usually takes about an hour or so to complete. But when the doctor came out after just 20 minutes, I was a bit puzzled. I sensed something fishy. Mom was happy on the other hand. She thought everything should be fine for the procedure to end so fast! I didn’t say a a word to her. I might be wrong.

Then came the news. Dad needs a bypass heart surgery. Yikess!! The doctor didn’t proceed with the stenting and ballooning of the arteries coz it was a bit more than what he expected. A bit longer and it wouldn’t be wise to do so. According to the doctor, if he was to make money, he would have done it anyway. But then dad will be coming back to the hospital in a year or so for another angioplasty or even a bypass. The doctor understood that this news is really hard to swallow considering he never had any chest pain or other indications. But are we risking to wait for the chest pain to come baru nak buat?

Now comes the next question. When? Dad was advised by the heart surgeon to do it as soon as possible. But dad being dad, he negotiated with the doctor to postpone sikit the date. Katanya nak clear some work matters dulu. Haiyohhh!! Boleh kan nego dengan doctor cam tu? Bapak oh bapak.

My concern pulak is choosing the right surgeon. If he seeks for second opinion elsewhere, there is a 95% chance that all of the them will advise the same. But the question is, which doctor is the right one? And I agree that he should do the surgery now. While he’s still young and healthy. Walaupun takde la young sangat but still, I believe he could handle the surgery and after-math.

My dad needs to retire. Really retire. Dia kata dia takut boring. But I said look at your BFF. FYI, his BFF was my ex-boss. Retired in 2010. Now relax je kat rumah..siap go round the world lagi travel sana sini. Hmm…meh kita anta 2 hero pi rumah sana hari-hari, sure tak boring kan? Hehe!!

Currently I’m reading up on bypass heart surgeries. Rasanya blog ni lama-lama boleh jadi health blog pulak ye. Dah lari from the original niche dah ni.

So until my next post. Stay safe stay healthy. To all daddies out there..please stop smoking. See what has it done to my dad?


4 thoughts on “Post Angiogram

    • Amin.

      Oh your dad pernah jugak bypass? Later I’ll ask some more from you kay?

      I’m not sure why dia tak pi IJN. Maybe he’s comfortable with the current doc. My mom pun suka dia. Lagipun dia macam nak get it done and over with cepat2. Lagi delay nanti risau gak jadi apa2.

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