Hand me downs

Last night both kids went to bed early, so tetiba mood mengemas datang. I have always wanted to sort out IY’s old clothes tapi asyik tak sempat je. So bila dah sempat ni, marilah memulakan misi. Sementara dok tunggu Lisa-Yusry on air kat TV kan. Which by the way, I love so much! She’s so pretty! Although the age difference, tak nampak pun macam orang tua kawin dengan budak. Well, I guess I’m being bias. Because he’s Yusry. Fanatic fan la katakan. Oh the good ‘ol KRU days!! *Mengelamun mode*

Anywaaaay, sikit lagi nak lari tajuk dah. Baju babies IY tak banyak coz dah let go dulu to either family and friends or charity. Ada yang I sold off. So yang tinggal just yang 1 year old and above.

Ada rupa macam stock take kat warehouse tak? Siap labelling bagai.

Pants and T-shirts

Shirts and collared polos

Shoes in the storeroom

Yes, I’m like that. Anybody else like me? Angkat tangan.



7 thoughts on “Hand me downs

  1. Hahahaha on the other hand i’m just the total opposite! I chuck stuff into storage boxes and put them away with labels yes, but they dont look anywhere as neat n detailed as yours do!

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