Bypass heart surgery – An animation

This is my current obsession.

Siang malam dok cari article to read on. My mind just can’t stop thinking about it. It’s all I talk about. I also find myself googling and reading articles on my Iphone while feeding Z in the middle of the night. I want to know enough about this, I want to understand more and know what to expect. Although maybe tak se thorough a doctor or even a med student, still takde la blur sangat.

The surgeon wants to see us family for a briefing and Q&A before the surgery. Dad will be admitted on Friday for the pre surgery preparation. I have mentally prepared myself what to ask the doctor. I just hope the doctor won’t say “you watch too many Grey’s Anatomy”…Haha!

Anyway, I found this kat Youtube. The surgery looks straightforward. I hope it will be. I hope dad will progress just like what I read. I don’t want any surprises. Please God, this is not the time for surprises. Let’s leave that to my husband for my birthday this year (Heh!). Let dad go through the surgery and recover as any other bypass patient should.



2 thoughts on “Bypass heart surgery – An animation

  1. Lama tak masuk blog you, sekali masuk.. terkejut jappp. terus i msg him. Anyway, i pray for a smooth procedures and fast recovery. amin

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