Doa selamat

The office is organizing a doa selamat for dad on Friday.

For those who don’t know me in real life, my dad is the big boss.

I won’t be going to the doa selamat. I already applied for leave on Friday to oversee his admission and meeting the surgeon. I don’t think I can handle the doa selamat though. Takut ter emo lebih. As strong as I may look, all chatty giving updates to people like a med student memorizing her notes for an exam, I am all weak inside. Just trying to be strong for mom. She’s more stressed than I am. She’s with the patient 24/7.

A man can be a baby when he is sick. I foresee a cranky baby for the next couple of months! Hehe!!



7 thoughts on “Doa selamat

  1. An old man may be a cranky baby afterall it is a reborn with a new wires attach. This baby will watching all of you like a hawk.

  2. banyak berdoa kpd Allah, insyaAllah kalau dengan inzin-Nya semua akan selamat pu3…
    be strong for your mom & dad…

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