Road to recovery

Dad’s recovery process is fairly quick and steady. Alhamdulillah for that.

Day 1 ICU: Woke up on his own at 5am. Breathing tube taken out.

Day 2 ICU: Started eating porridge and drinking plain water and zam zam. Chest tube taken out. Talking as usual. Groggy most of the time.

Day 3 ICU: Up from the bed and started walking.

Day 4 ICU: Discharged from ICU and transferred to normal ward.

Day 5: Physio every now and then. Walking and going to the toilet normally. But the doctor did not allow him to go alone. Mesti berteman. My mom la tu. She’s the personal nurse since Day 1.

Day 6: Physio and more physio. Visitors also started to come. But just family and his close friends. During his days in ICU I strictly prohibited people from coming to see him. Just us in the ICU with him when he needed us. Most of the time, we just berkampung in the waiting area from am to pm. Malam ICU is closed and we had to go back home.

Day 7: Physio in the gym pulak. Mom said he had to go on a treadmill, do a little of cycling and steps. The big bosses from the office also came to visit.


Well, the rest of the days shall be almost the same. Physio and more physio. Visitors and more visitors. The surgeon is very happy with his progress. Recovering fast and well. At this rate, he might be discharged this week. Yippee!!

But then again, the battle is not over. This is only the beginning. The real challenge begins at home. When all the temptations come hitting left and right, front and back. I hope his will power is strong enough untuk menepis semua itu. I pray that he will be as strong and determined as he was when he woke up from the surgery.

Doctor cakap nasi kandar sebulan sekali sahaja! Good luck dad!



8 thoughts on “Road to recovery

  1. Alhamdulillah sounds like your dad is doing well! oh yes i can imagine how the temptations will come left right centre.. haih.. hopefully he’ll deflect em all like batting flies.

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