Lascal Buggy Board

I once mentioned in my previous entry that we wanna buy a buggy board for IY.  Well, we got it. Now that we have used it for a about a month, let’s have a review on it.

The likes:

  • No more IY running like lipas kudung here and there. Dia suka berdiri atas tu and sembang dengan Gee. “Laju lagi Ayah! Kita racing macam Ghostrider!”
  • Boleh jadi tempat letak barang juga when IY is not around. We were in IKEA and I tak cukup tangan coz tengah tolak Z. The IKEA trolley was with IY and Gee yang sudah entah ke mana. Letak je la atas buggy board tu. Voila!

The buggy board

The don’t likes:

  • Once IY stepped on it, the stroller became very heavy. Susah gile nak tolak. Nak pusing kiri, kanan and reverse memang struggle.
  • We can’t fold the stroller WITH the buggy intact. Kena take out and pasang everytime nak guna. Although nak pasang tu tak susah pun, just buckle it on..tapi leceh la. If I’m alone with the kiddos, imagine my kelam kabut nak pasang benda alah tu.
  • Must be careful takut the stroller ter tilt on IY side coz IY is heavier than Z. We never ever leave IY alone without us holding on to it.
  • When we push the stroller, kaki ni asyik berlaga je dengan the  buggy wheels. Super annoying!



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