New chicken recipe for Z

I tried a new recipe for Z. Inspired by Dr Halina‘s recipe for her Baby B. Just want to share with other mommies and also for my future reference.

Before this I usually tanak nasi with ayam and brocolli or apa-apa fruit vege. Then I’ll blend. Tapi lama-lama boring jugak asik rebus je. Dah la tak bubuh garam so it’s quite bland and boring. Tapi baby Z apa tau kan, dia nganga je, Hihi!

So for this one, let’s name it bubur ayam dan sayur (as what I label the tupperware untuk babysitter so that she knows what is she feeding Z). I kinda love this recipe sebab dia ada “rasa” even tak bubuh salt. I had a bite. A spoon full. Sedap!

Everyday I label the tupperware for the babysitter

Since I tak berapa suka masak banyak-banyak and simpan for future consumptions, I cook small ngam-ngam portions everyday before work. So your measurements tak sama dengan mine depending on your portion. Here goes:

Bubur Ayam and Sayur
1. Rebus diced chicken fillets  – asing the stock and the ayam

2. Tumis onion and garlic with olive oil

3. Masuk ayam yang dah rebus tadi

4. Masuk diced pumpkins,brocolli and buah tomato – alternatively you can put any fruits and veges you want. I’m planning apples, pears and spinach soon.

5. Let it cook for a while – masa ni suka sangat tengok the colours in the pot. Meriah!

Colourful and nutrious!

6. Pour in the chicken stock tadi.

7. Let it cook some more – dalam 10 minutes sampai the stock a bit dry – but not too dry nanti susah nak blend.

8. Cool it and blend!

Ready to be served

I don’t blend too fine sebab Z is already 8+ months so nak dia biasakan dengan a different texture pulak. Lumpy lumpy sikit tapi still pastikan the chicken and sayur buah semua hancur la.

He loves it! Banyak dia makan.

Tapi I cannot compare his eating portion dengan baby lain. Coz Z memang makan sikit. Definition makan banyak untuk Z differs. How do I know dia suka? Dia tak luah balik or make faces bila makan. Nganga je bila suap. Tapi to a certain extent dia tak nak dah, he just won’t open up. That’s when I know dia dah full. Kalau sumbat jugak, dia kemam je dalam mulut pastu end up menyembur! Messy!! Nak grrrr pun tak boleh sebab kita yang sumbat jugak kan. Orang dah tak nak tu tak nak lah mama!!

Believe it or not..Z boleh survive dengan susu and baby bites (biskut beras) if takde porridge. Sikit pun dia tak gaduh nak makan. I noticed this during my days ulang alik ke hospital last week visit my dad. Busy going back and forth ke hospital bawak Z. Ada time tu I ter overlooked his eating schedules. I bawak the baby bites dia makan tu je pun dah happy baby dah! Sorry sayang, I’ll make it up to you with more new recipes. Let’s try fish soon ya!



4 thoughts on “New chicken recipe for Z

  1. every baby’s different kan. gibran’s milk-brother (my nephew shamel) always preferred his milk and baby biscuits whereas gibran had to have porridge and later on nasi (gibran didnt want porridge at 11 months onwards) and roti and macam-macam lagi bcoz dia mmg kuat mkn (alhmdulillah). but shamel till now pun content with milk.. and small quantities of meals. tapi badan sedap bulat je no problem (lagi bulat drpd gibran hahaha)

    • yes every baby is different. this is another of my feel-like-first-time-mommy.

      we mommies can’t help ourselves comparing notes kan? Coz Z pun ada cousin sebaya dengan dia jugak (beza 5 days je). and suka je I tgk dia makan banyak. Tapi tu lah..we shouldn’ coz when we do, we tend to worry unnecessarily. macam i ni lah.

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