IY at Treetop House – March

So what’s March top story?


We received newletters from the school saying that there’s an HFMD outbreak. Mula-mula 3 kids dah terkena and quarantined from school. Luckily they are not from IY’s class. The principal advised us parents not to expose our kids in public and observe cleanliness at all times.

Tiba-tiba last Friday, when dropping IY off in the morning, principal was there to welcome the kids and meet the parents in person to tell us that they wanted to close the school for one day on Monday. They wanted to clean and disinfect the whole school. I asked how many kids dah terkena? She mentioned 4.

This afternoon I received a call from the school followed by an email from the principal to all parents. The authorities from the Ministry of Health came to visit and do some checking. rupanya dah ada 10 casesa dah. Haiyohh!! Terus diarahkan tutup school for 10 days! Why 10 days? Sebab it needs 10 days to break the cycle as the virus has a 10 day incubation period.

It was also mentioned that during the last 2 weeks more than 10 schools dah kena tutup in KL alone due to this HFMD outbreak.

So nampknye IY kena lah pegi full day daycare. I pray that dia tak terkena the HFMD tu lagi. He was infected of the virus in 2010 masa dekat-dekat 2nd birthday dia. I wrote about it here and here.

On a lighter note, Mama pun relax la sikit pagi-pagi tak payah jadi Sarjan Hassan kejut dia bangun mandi siap pegi school! Angkat je dia terus tengah tido masuk kereta. Boleh la keluar lambat sikit. Hoyehh!



2 thoughts on “IY at Treetop House – March

  1. good for u for always seeing the up-side of things! ;D

    on another note, hope IY tak dpt hmfd tu. insyaAllah! i remember gibran having it and being quarantined at home too sbb i taknak infect other kids with the disease. satu hall nak keep him occupied for 10 days! lol!

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