Salmon for Z

A lot of recipes out there use milk when cooking fish for babies and toddlers. Ada yang pakai fresh milk and ada yang pakai EBM. I want to avoid cow’s milk for now and EBM is definitely a no no. You know why la kan. Kasi stock stabil dulu baru pikir nak campur EBM dalam food.

So what I did was I tweaked the recipe a bit hoping it will taste as good. Apa yang penting is the zat makanan. Ikan is full of those omega stuff and the nutrients in vegetables needs no introduction.

For mommies yang nak try jugak, silakan.

Salmon & Broccoli & Carrot

1. Steam the salmon. Once cooked, cut it into small pieces. Make sure no bones ya! Ikan is a bit tricky tang tulang tu. Kena double triple check.

Steaming the salmon

2. Tumis onion and garlic with olive oil.

3. Add the cooked salmon, brocolli, carrots and tomatoes into the pot.

Let it cook for a while sampai carrot and brocolli lembut

4. Add water sikit to let it simmer.

5. Cool it and blend it.

6. Masa blend tu maybe kena tambah water sikit to ease the process. Rasanya untuk yang recipe ber-susu takde masalah kekeringan la kot.

7. Ready to be served.

I wonder why did it turn yellow? Hijau + Orange = Kuning eh?

Dapat byk penuh satu tupperware from that whole fillet of salmon. Boleh freeze and simpan for the next few days.

The taste? Yummy! If tak blend, adult pun boleh makan dengan pasta kot.

Here’s my boy eating his first fish.

My petite 7.5kg Z at 9 months. Makan banyak-banyak ye sayang!



2 thoughts on “Salmon for Z

  1. Ilan is also petite compared to his abang. At 7 months abg was 9 kgs but ilan now is still 7.4. I’m worried abt my petite guy too

    • As long as dia sihat insyaAllah dia ok. Lagipun dia baru je start makan kan? He’ll catch up!

      My boy is still stuck at 7.5kg and he’s 9 months. I yang worry ni.

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