Trivia for mommy and daddy

While driving IY to school this morning, he saw a few maids by the roadside doing the morning walks with their masters’ dogs.

Suddenly IY asked me…

“Mama, boleh tak abang nak jalan-jalan dengan anjing macam tu? Abang pegang la tali dia macam tu.”

Gosh! Here I am. The stage where he asks questions that I need to think before I answer. Cannot main hentam saja or kelentong suka hati. To make sure that my answer is correct and at the same time jawapan tu tercapai dek akal dia as a 4-year old.

I’ve read a lot of my friends’ experiences with this type of questions. Ada sorang tu anak dia mintak nak puppy as pet. Puppy comel la mommy. *tepuk dahi*.

What would you answer your kid? Help me out here!

P/S: Tu belum dia tanya where do babies come from lagi tu. *lap peluh di dahi*.


6 thoughts on “Trivia for mommy and daddy

  1. Natul,,

    Just explain it the adult way. At IY’s age (and being the smart boy that he is), I believe he is already able to comprehend the concept. I introduced the concept of dogs falling into the ‘haram’ category to my sons back a few months back (coz we had to pass by our downstairs’ neighbour’s huge dog on our way out the main door). Alhamdulillah he understood and grasped my explanation well. (nevermind the fact that a few weeks down the road, he still keep asking whether EVERYTHING is halal or haram-the food, the people, even the water) πŸ™‚

    The explanation also brought us to the discussion about different culture, religion and races (coz he asked why my besties there can eat pork) and why we could not celebrate christmas-regardless the fact that I had to sing to him “rudolf the red-nosed reindeer like 80 million times in a day for the whole december month!).

    Kiddos nowadays are super smart, try challenge IY with your sound explanation. You’ll be gawking with awe (I don’t remember posing smart questions to my mom when I was 4/5!) hahaha.

    P/s: I think I am safe from the question “where do babies come from” (at least for now) coz both sons “know” they came from my belly (which stretchmarks they commented on every other day). lol. Let’s share the outcome of the consequential questions later πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Al.

      This morning I did tell him the halal-haram-kita-orang-Islam explanation. And I foresee he will be asking me the same question EVERYDAY when he sees people walking their dogs now.

      Yes you are right. Kids these days sangat pandai. And yes you are right about us asking such questions to our mommies dulu. Kena balik tanya mama ni. Haha!

      P/S: Oh baby dalam perut dia dah pandai dah since Z’s arrival dulu. Yang dirisaukan bila dia tanya, macam mana baby masuk dalam perut mama? Errk!!!

  2. I did the same, i explained it to gibran in an honest explanation abt the halal haram aspect of things. When he asked me where babies came frm, i told him the ‘diplomatic’ truth..that Allah made us all and Allah put babies into mummies’ tummies, til they are ready to come out. When the kindy taught them abt sperms and eggs and conception, he came home and asked me abt it, and i said yes its true, its all part n parcel of Allah’s magic! πŸ˜‰

    • Wow kindy taught them about sperms & eggs? Gib pegi kindy mana tu?

      Anyway, I guess telling the truth is the best bet. Rather than going round the bush, end up dia tau dari orang lain and start comparing why tak sama dengan what we told him, kan?

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