A week after Habbatus Sauda

It’s been a week. What’s the progress you may ask?

Alhamdulillah.. I feel the difference. My tangki always have that full effect. Rasa berat je selalu. Morning pumping session pun ada hasil yang memberangsangkan. Dulu tengok 1oz je keluar pagi-pagi, now dah naik to 3oz.

My EBM from the daily pumping kat office cukup for the next day. And ada extra lagi – which I can freeze as stock. So I don’t touch my frozen EBMs anymore.

The bottles in the freezer dah increase to 9 bottles. Tak penah2 dapat kumpul frozen on weekdays. Selalu weekends je. For long term I hope I will be able to build up my stock balik.

Oh but bear in mind, it’s not only the honey black seed I’m consuming. My other extra effort to help increase my supply:

  • I drink extra milk – full fat, low fat, choc and white. Strawberry milk je tak leh nak telan.
  • Horlicks with Quacker oats
  • Milo with Quaker oats
  • Kurma
  • Munchy’s Oat Krunch – for breakfast and snack

Suggest me lagi what to eat and drink.

P/S: If you ask where’s the F&N longan dates? Stock kat kedai dah habis. Huhu!



4 thoughts on “A week after Habbatus Sauda

  1. betik works as well. i blend it with milk and horlicks and ice cream vanilla. hahahahaaa wicked macam horlicks mcflurry (have u tried horlicks mcflurry?)

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