The plan

So what’s the plan?

There’s 2 – short term and long term.

Long term wise, I talked to IY’s daycare owner about registering Z there a little bit earlier than July. I have pre-booked Z for July since he’s in my tummy tau! Coz IY’s daycare is very particular about the number of kids under their care. Bukan main accept je ramai-ramai. Which is good!

She said she is understaff at the moment to take Z in. Currently still interviewing and looking for new staff. If she can get someone, Z is accepted early May. If not paling awal pun in June. I doakan dia dapat la staff yang dia nak tu so that my problem will be solved ASAP.

Short term wise, I took unpaid leave for 7 days until mid April. And Gee will takeover from there on until the daycare accepts Z. Gee’s time will (sort of) be more flexible soon so I berkorban sikit la for the time being. I believe there’s a reason for everything that happens. In my case, maybe God wants me to stay home and pump more! Haha! Power pumping in the house y’all!!

Why tak cari nursery lain sementara tunggu May/June/July?

First, ada ke nursery nak accept baby on such short notice and short period of time?

Even kalau ada, secondly, tak sempat lah nak survey and check itu ini. 4 days tak cukup masa nak being me. Being fussy. Lagipun Gee will be around 19th onwards, I trust he is capable of babysitting.

Best gak cuti terpaksa macam ni. Even penat dia lebih dari penat pegi ofis, coz duduk rumah bukan goyang kaki jaga Z and IY je. Terus automode jadi SAHM kejap. Tapi ini penat yang berbaloi.

P/S: Maybe hikmah lain of this is I won’t be missing Z’s first steps. He’s about to walk anyday now. Tengah giat berlatih nih.



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