Counting the days

Seronok baca blog ni, dia buat entry pasal her trip to Kidzania. Yes, we are going there for IY’s birthday treat this year. He is very much excited. Especially when his cousin Wawa dah pegi last week. He is counting the days to his birthday!

I have been doing a lot of reading from other blogs yang dah pegi KZ ni. And mostly semua suruh plan well so that the ticket price (which is not cheap) adalah berbaloi. Kalau bayar mahal-mahal setakat buat 1-2 jobs je rugi la kan. KZ is fairly new so memang hot spot la for now.

IY kept saying “Abang tak sabar nak jadi fire engine!”. Fire man la bang oiii!



10 thoughts on “Counting the days

  1. Tips from Mommy Lyssa & Zayn of via email:

    “Here’s a tip kalau nak beratur untuk fire engine… Cth: pergi afternoon session yg start pukul 4, make sure ur there at 330 or earlier with ur tickets ready (bukan baru nak beratur beli ticket), just nak amik wristwatch, cheque, map etc2… Be among the first to enter the Kidzone area. Masuk2 bila org still tgh tercari2 nak buat apa, go line up for firefighter, you
    don’t need the money for that, so you can cash your cheque later! Haaa… Insyaallah tak yah Ler nak beratur lelama hehehehe…

    Another tip, carry a sleeping ZU in your arms. If you’re lucky, someone working there will kesian tengok and accompany you straight upstairs and inside… So you don’t need to que for entrance…. Hehehehehe…. That’s what happened with us!!”

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