Pureen warehouse sale 2012

Been there last year. My entry here.

Ya, saya tidak serik. But bezanya this year – I was more prepared. Here’s my experiences and a few  tips for you going to the warehouse sale.

1. Time – we went there around 10-ish. Actually they say if you go after 3pm the crowd is much lesser. Tapi kalau hujan…Ya ampun!!

2. Shopping bag – they provide IKEA blue bags at the entrance but sakit la bahu bila beg penuh and berat. Unless you shop baju baby. Yang tu ok lah. Suggestion: Bawak trolley sendiri if you plan to shop a lot of heavy stuff like Heinz baby food, baby laundry detergent, liquid bottle cleanser, baby wipes, etc.

I saw someone bawak this type of trolley..bagus!

3. Have a list of what you need. If not, you’ll go bananas! Semua pun nak beli. End up penat angkut barang. Bila dah sampai sana, you will have this mental block “eh nak beli berapa eh? nak beli perisa apa eh? nak beli untuk taska ke untuk rumah ke?” Well, at least for me, macam tu perasaan I bila dah bersesak-sesak. So memang kena ada list and stick to it! I didn’t serbu the clothes section this year though. Not in my list.

4. Also, buat homework sikit berapa harga barang-barang you nak beli tu kat kedai. Put it in your list. Masa kat sana, tak sempat nak fikir pun..”eh ni kalau kat kedai ni berapa harga eh? Murah berapa % ni?” When you see the price markdown kat situ, you can terus compare to your list and instantly decide nak amik banyak ke sikit according to your budget or preference. Some people maybe rasa “alah, discount sikit je, tak baloi nak berebut bagai”. Or maybe ada orang “gileee murah!! nak beli stock setahun!!”.

5. This year, I tak beli loose item sebab tak larat nak angkut berat dalam beg although I brought my own IKEA blue bag and my KFC wheel bag. Since I noticed the staff were very very helpful, I amik barang in boxes buy in bulk terus. They help me put aside the boxes pastu angkat atas trolley and pushed it to the counter. I just beratur lenggang kangkung je. Sampai kat counter, my stuff dah sampai dulu dah.

Tima kasih dik! Tolong akak bawak boxes sampai keluar entrance.

6. The Q for payment was not that bad. Counter sangat banyak and sangat laju.

Human traffic

7. After dah bayar, they help to push the boxes kat entrance luar and I waited for Gee to pegi amik kereta. RELA people ada jaga traffic kat situ and they allow cars to stop to load barang masuk kereta. Staff dia ramai kat situ tolong angkat barang masuk kereta.

Their staff waiting for cars to tolong load barang masuk kereta

My experience this year was much better than last. Practice make perfect! Next year, boleh improve lagi. Maybe hubby tak yah parking pun. Just drop me off and pick me up. Sambil tunggu, dia pusing-pusing je lah area situ.

Oh I didn’t bring Z today. My mom babysit kejap. We only brought IY. Dia suka sebab kat luar by the roadside banyak gerai jual toys, food and other jajans. Dah macam pasar malam pun ada.



3 thoughts on “Pureen warehouse sale 2012

  1. eh x ramai pun org on sunday!! saturday i x nampak ruang langsung!!! like I said body to body sardine packed. so surprised to see ur human traffic picture…kena gi ahad la next year 😉
    yupe we saw ppl with trolley as well,but on saturday all got stuck n menyusahkan human flow,as for boxes pun sama staff dia ada kat part heinz,shampoo area bila tang wipes bottle it was to sardine staff elek,yg ada pun dok refill

    • Ooo tu kira tak ramai ke? huhu…tu pun dah berpeluh ketiak dah!

      Ok next year pegi Sunday petang! I’m sure the crowd is much lesser.

      Kalau nak beli wipes & bottle cleanser in boxes, tu I berdiri kat tepi adult pampers tu and mintak staff yang angkat boxes tu tolong.

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