Thyroid April update

Another follow up. He has to see the doctor every 2 months now.

The endocrinologist took his blood during the appointment and she gave us a call a few hours later for the results. Unfortunately, the reading went up again.

T3 – February reading was 7 and April’s reading is 10 (normal is 6.80)

T4 – February reading was 19 and April’s reading is 33 (normal is 22)

She’s not happy sebab patutnya the reading should turun dan turun and stabil in the normal range so that makan ubat pun boleh reduce from 6 biji to 4 biji to 3 biji to 2 biji and eventually sebiji je towards the whole 18 months period.

Oh sang suami…tolong la jangan lupa makan ubat. He sometimes terlupa his meds and skipped a day or two. That explains the reading.

Now he’s back to 6 biji sehari when he was doing good at 4 biji je. Haihh!



4 thoughts on “Thyroid April update

  1. Aisey ksiannya. Its really hard to remember meds la… Urmmm what i do for my daily hormone treatmnts is tht i guna those daily pill compartments tu n carry it with me constantly. Tapi men dont have handbags. Hehe

  2. You have to do what you have to do, Bila depan mata, amik ubat n air n hadap sampai telan, Kalau jauh CALL CALL CALL!! Hehehehe….

    • Eh Zura why your id so pelik? Sikit lagi nak masuk spam tadi.

      Anyways, masa mula2 mmg kita dok tunggu depan dia bawak air segala. Then when I saw he was doing good, I thought he’ll be fine monitoring on his own. Rupanya nak kena bini jugak suap kot.. Hehe!!

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