IY’s pre-birthday celebration

The treat started on 1 May. Since it’s Labour Day PH, we spent the night at Cititel MV. I almost forgot that I have a complimentary night stay voucher dapat from mana entah la dah lupa. Dah nak expire dah pun 31 May 2012. Nasib baik sempat redeem. IY’s been bugging us with “dah lama kita tak tido hotel. Jom la tido hotel”. Amboi anakku!

Lepas checked in, we went for a stroll at the mall. Lunch and a little bit of shopping. IY enjoyed his little time at the games arcade.


Eating his greens


Sampai senget2 mulut, padahal bukan masuk coins pun!

I have a few GSC Signatures Gold Class tickets dapat free jugak from somewhere at work. So apa lagi, redeem je lah! Called SIL’s to join us for Avengers at 8.30pm. Tried to take Z in the cinema thinking Gold Class mesti selesa boleh lepak-lepak baring-baring dengan Z on the sofa…but after 15 minutes, I went out sebab kesian kat Z tak boleh nak tido. He kept looking at the screen nak tengok cite while bf. Aiyoo yang mama ni asik la dok tercover-cover. I thought boleh je bf dia and enjoy the movie. Tunggu adik besar sikit la ye. Nasib baik ticket free!

Semangat betul nak pegi tengok Avengers

Masa ni kat GSC MV..tersilap panggung. We should have gone to GSC in Gardens

While they were at the movies, me and Z went for more mall strolling. This little boy is so peramah. Smiling at each and every person yang agah dia. Sampai gelak terkekek2. Kat escalator pun dia tergelak2 sebab the person behind us dok agah dia. And still, people kept asking “ni boy ke girl?” *Slaps forehead*

Then balik bilik while waiting for birthday boy nak celebrate 12 midnight, mama adik berposing sakan.  He came back at 11.30 and terus zzzz pukul 11.56pm. Tak sempat apa pun! Mama dah ready with cake and candle dah! Takpe lah..Esok lah nampaknye!

Adik was in a good mood to pose for mama

Abang dah selamat belayar dah

The next morning – All set for his birthday treat

The Kidzania trip..to be continued!


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