IY’s 4th birthday treat to Kidzania – Part 1

The next day, bangun pagi and tadaaa! Jom ke Kidzania! Oh I think I am more excited than the birthday boy! Ye la kan..zaman kita dulu mana ada semua ni. Mommy excited lebih!

We went for breakfast dulu kat McD sebelah tu. Cake and candle malam tadi yang tak sempat tiup tu selamat lah jugak dirasmikan. Around 11 am, we entered Kidzania.

Happy Birthday Sayang!

Since Kidzania was launched in Feb, I memang dah excited nak bawak IY there. But reading stories about kemampatan Kidzania di hari cuti adalah sungguh turn off. We bought the tickets online and went on a weekday to avoid all that. I think our experience there was totally different with people who went on weekends or public holidays. I read other people’s tips suruh plan macam-macam sebab nak avoid the waiting and all, but ours was laid back and not so much waiting.

Entering KZ reminds me of Genting indoor park. KZ is a kid version of the adult world. The whole time I kept wondering, who came up with this idea? He/She is a genius! A millionaire too I  presume. Coz KZ is worldwide franchise now. There’s KZ in Mexico (origin), Jakarta, Tokyo, Dubai just to name a few. Everything is about the kids. The kids rule Kidzania.

The currency in KZ is Kidzos (don’t ask what’s the forex rate!). The sponsors for KZ are CIMB, Air Asia, TNB, Ayam Brand, Sea Master, Marry Brown, Poslaju and many more. These sponsors opened up the kid’s version of their company in KZ and the kids work there and get paid. Or they get the kids to be involved in the activities with a small amount of Kidzos fee.

Buy your tickets online


Special lane for people who purchased their tickets online

All 4 of us must wear this electronic bracelet. It captures our ins and outs and mostly IY’s activities

IY was given the KZ map and a “cash cheque” of 50 Kidzos. He will need to cash the cheque at the bank inside KZ

Cashing his cheque

Moving on, so what did he do?

1. Cooking School

He was excited at first. He said ni macam Masterchef. Ada 2 more kids with him ready for the sandwich making class as well. Lepas we paid 10 Kidzos and scanned his bracelet, we waited outside. Then the drama started. He cried!! He wanted me to go in duduk sebelah dia. Padahal we have explained to him that he will be on his own inside. The staff pun macam tak tau nak buat apa and send him to me. Pastu we decided to cancel this activity. Scan balik bracelet and they refunded the Kidzos.

Cooking school

2. Fireman

I pujuk him and said, you wanted to be a fireman kan? Let’s do that. Hesitantly, he said okay..but he was holding my hand macam tak nak lepas dah. And his hand was cold! Ishh takut betul budak ni. There was a Q at the fire station so we had to wait for a few minutes. Mula2 Gee wanted to pusing-pusing first and come back later since tak ramai pun budak, but I wanted him to Q for him to warm up (konon). Haa dengan mak ni beratur sama ok? When the time comes, muka dia dah kelat2 dah..I said I will just be around the corner where he could see me. Sekejap2 pandang belakang, sekejap2 pandang belakang making sure I was there! When it’s time to ride on the fire engine, he wailed! Ya Allah!! Sungguh2 melalak! Tapi this time I didn’t give in..just walk side by side the bomba truck and smile kelat2 at him suruh dia syyy. The staff made him sit across the door so that he could see me. Tapi bila sampai kat tempat kebakaran, dia dulu yang meluru kat water pump tu. Tersengih! When they were done with the fire, kena naik truck balik and go back to the station..sambung nangis balik!! *Tepuk dahi*!!!

But anyways, he survived the job and got paid 8 Kidzos.

Fire Fighters

My cry baby!

Masa ni macam geram je sebab I know he wants to do it tapi dia masih takut2. And tak nak rugi tiket mahal! We take 5 kejap went up the second floor cari baby room to feed Z. Nak naik second floor ni tak jumpa lift. Phew nasib baik tak bawak stroller. I saw a few mommies dok angkut stroller naik tangga tu. By the way, baby room cantik! Ada microwave too! Toilet pun ada inside the baby room. Very convenient. Sebelah babyroom ada toddlers playroom. I think this room is suitable untuk kasi babies toddlers yang teman older siblings main2. Nak kerja tak cukup umur lagi. Heh! Kalau you all bawak bibik maybe boleh drop off je bibik and baby dalam tu while parents and older siblings gi enjoy Kidzania.

Us in the comfy babyroom

3. Bottling Plant

While waiting for Z to isi tangki, Gee took IY around the second floor. When Z’s done, I saw IY in the bottling plant. Ni kilang proses air mineral. He was all alone in there with the staff. I think that girl pandai layan IY sebab tu he was ok. Tak nangis pun. Yang fireman tadi tu staff dia kurang kid-friendly sikit.

IY was so proud with his air mineral. He kept telling that he made that drink all by himself and how the machine worked in there. At this point, I can feel that he has warmed up dah. Lega mak! Tapi yang ni bukan kerja. This is a paid activity. Kena bayar 6 Kidzos. But air mineral tu boleh bawak balik la.

Bottling Plant

4. Pilot

Next we went to the mock cockpit to be a pilot. This one memang parents tak boleh masuk langsung even to take a peek. We couldn’t even see him in action from outside. I was afraid he was going to pull a stunt inside but amazingly he didn’t. Lama jugak la kitaorg melanguk kat luar. Sempat la jugak tidurkan Z. Once he’s done, he came out beaming. Suka betul! And this is one of the highest paid jobs. Gaji dia 15 Kidzos. For this job, kitaorang tak dapat take pictures of him inside at all. Semua dari luar je.


Let’s stop here first. To be continued. Ada lagi 10 jobs/activities IY did. Entah berapa parts la entries KZ ni. Haha! You may pick a few tips and info from my entries for your future visit to KZ!

Until the next entry..Daa!



2 thoughts on “IY’s 4th birthday treat to Kidzania – Part 1

  1. nice entry Put!
    yup we went on weekend + during school holidays, sempat try 3 ke 5 jobs je rasanya, dahlah kena exit by 3pm (ada 2 sessions), kalau nak pergi next time I think worth it pergi time weekday. ponteng la sehari time school tak busy macam dah habis exam tu…

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