IY’s 4th birthday treat to Kidzania – Part 3

This is the last one..promise!

11. Construction worker

In the same area as the painting site, sebelah tu is the construction site. Ala2 buat rumah gitu. IY got to wear the safety helmet and susun bricks jadi wall. Looked kinda boring to me. Susun bricks macam susun lego la lebih kurang. IY pun nampak bosan je dengar penerangan staff tu. Haha! I wasn’t around masa ni sebab it was my turn gi solat. Gaji 8 Kidzos. Kat sini ada job as a window cleaner gak. Ala2 Cuci Cuci Hans Isaac tapi IY tak pegi coz macam takde orang pun staff kat situ masa tu.

Nampak tak muka boring dia duduk dengar penerangan

12. Petrol Pump Attendant

We wanted IY to try the workshop jadi mechanic tapi dia tak cukup ketinggian la pulak. So we went to the petrol station next to it. Basically there will be a staff driving a miniature car and stop for gas. IY will fill up the tank and he’ll get paid 8 Kidzos. Siap duduk kat pavement sambil isi minyak. Hehe..Kalau kerja betul dah kena fire dah kot. Eh tapi tak nak kerja betul jadi tukang isi minyak ye sayang. Tauke minyak takpe. Yang tu Mama likes! Hehe!

Comel je miniature car tu. The bigger kids got to ride them. IY tak cukup ketinggian nak amik lesen kereta

13. Dentist

When we arrived in the morning, dentist was among IY’s first choice. Tapi masa tu ada segerombolan school kids tengah beratur so IY pegi buat kerja lain dulu. Bila dah petang takde orang pulak kat dental clinic tu. IY was alone beratur nak masuk and the staff kata minimum kena 3 orang. I pun siap la panggil budak yang lalu lalang “Do you want to be a dentist? Come come!!”. Dah macam promote apa je. Last2 staff tu kesian gamaknye kat IY (or maybe she’s annoyed with me..hehe!), terus kasi IY masuk. Takpe la puan, sorang pun ok lah. So IY pun masuk and learn about dental care. He got to play with a giant set of teeth and they teach how to brush your teeth correctly. Reminds me of the old school days masa misi datang sekolah and ajar kita nak berus gigi kan? Later, ada 2-3 kids join IY kat dalam. After the teeth brushing session, the kids get to treat the patung patient. Tekun sungguh IY merawat pesakit. Entah apa la dia dok cucuk2 mulut patung tu. Jadi dentist dapat gaji 12 Kidzos.

Dr Ilhan Yusuf in action

14. Painting School

Lastly, we went to the painting school kat sebelah dental care tu. This is a paid activity. Kena bayar 5 Kidzos and dapat colour the painting. Again, IY was all alone dalam tu. Patutnya 15 mins duration dia tapi IY colour laju gile. Dalam 10 mins he was done. Boleh la tu. Mama ayah pun dah penat dah tunggu dia. Another tip – wear comfy shoes!

IY was confused mula2 sebab the staff kasi the brush to his right hand – IY is a leftie! Lama2 dia tuka sendiri.

So there you go. All 14 jobs done by IY from 11 to 4.30pm. KZ closes at 5pm on weekdays. Before balik, we went for a drink kat kiosk depan fountain near the main entrance. KZ has 99 jobs and of course tak tercover la in one visit. There a few jobs that are not suitable for IY’s age yet. Maybe when he’s a little bit older.

Last thing to do before you hit home is to kira duit! IY managed to collect 88 Kidzos. We went to the bank again and opened an account for him. Deposit all the Kidzos and he received an ATM card. Just like the adults! For our future visits, we can use the card for the transactions made in KZ. Gaji dibayar terus masuk account or kalau paid activities just deduct from account using the card. Kidzo-less  transaction.

IY’s very own ATM card

Kidzos found in his pocket

But guess what? When we reached home, IY emptied his pocket and took out another bundle of Kidzos. Aiyak! dia bawak balik duit lagi. Next visit kena bank in nanti.

Bila la agaknye next visit tu ye? I think next visit kalau bawak kawan mesti dia lagi suka. His cousins definitely. His auntie pun nak jugak tu. Till our next trip to KZ..Mama IY&ZU signing off!



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