IY’s circumcision

A day after his 4th birthday, IY came home complaining his birdie hurt. Lepas check I could see it was red there. Pastu when he peed, he said “sakit la mama kat dalam ni”. Kept going on “ouch ouch” masa pee. I pun mula la nak panic bila anak sakit. The next morning bangun tidur he refused to pee. Dia takut sakit. Haihh mana boleh macam ni. We forced him and he did it eventually. Tapi kesian tengok la.

After checking out which doctor we should go to, we decided to go to Dr Razak from DSH. My first choice was Dr Wan from APSH tapi he was only available the next day. I picked the earliest paediatric surgeon available.

Dr Razak confirmed there’s an infection in the insides of his birdie. This usually happens when traces of urine stayed in the foreskin. The best treatment is to circumcised him as the infection is bound to happen again in the future selagi dia tak sunat. I’m kinda expecting the circumsicion part and to tell you the truth I am relieved that we are doing it now. Tak payah tunggu dah besar. I have always wanted to do it when they are still small senang jaga and cepat sembuh. But Gee disagrees. Dia nak buat sekali IY & Z bila dorang sekolah because he wants the kids to remember and rasa apa yang ayah rasa dulu masa ayah kecik2. *mama rolls eyes*

We didn’t explain to IY specifically what was circumcision. Takut dia freak out! We just told him that the doctor will put medication on his birdie to cure the pain that he’s been having. We wanted to wait until everything is over baru cerita in detail.

We went home and came back the next day for admission. For a 4 year old, he needs to be on full GA and masuk OT. Tapi tak perlu warded overnight. Just day care until he is awake and can go pee on his own. We arrived 9am for admission and the procedure was done at about 11am. By 5pm we went home.

As usual, harus lah amik gambar kan. Bukan selalu IY kena sunat. Once in a lifetime.

Just arrived. Got a double bedded room although we requested for a 4 bedded (full) sebab dah tau tak tido overnight

Nurse datang kasi hospital gown.  Cantik pulak gown tu kan? Reminds me of jubah Liz Othman (www.lizothman.com) sikit

He has this new habit bila amik gambar nak tutup mata buat2 tido

Ayah spelling out his ID tag

Waiting for OT to call us – Disney channel is on. Oh terima kasih!!

There was another baby (about Z’s age) waiting to be circumsized too. Dr Razak got 2 cases that morning. He went to do the baby dulu since the baby arrived first lagipun kesian la baby kan. Tapi sekejap je..about 20 minutes and it was IY’s turn.

At the waiting bay outside the OT

Main dengan balloon tiup from the paed’s glove – before

Kejap je jangka hayat balloon tu – meletup sudah!

Love this pic! Thanks Ayah! Agak2 boleh menang Mother’s Day picture contest tak? Hik Hik!

They allowed one parent into the OT to keep IY company until he fell asleep. IY chose me. He just wouldn’t let my hand go. “Mom, hold my hand please”. He kept repeating that. Dalam dok lasak tu, I know he was nervous. Bila Dr Nik, the anaesthetist ready nak put the gas mask on him, he asked IY to recite the doa tido. Then he asked, nak bau apa? strawberry ke apple? I siap tanya doc, oo ada flavour eh? Haha! Doc kata takde lah, bau gas je. The colour of the mask tu je buat dorang distracted. Below picture is pink (which I assume is “strawberry”), then they changed it to green (which could be “apple”).

I saw a few nurses started to hold IY’s legs and body. I pelik. Dr Nik told me that in a few seconds IY will struggle and meronta2. That is normal coz they kinda “fight” the gas. Lebih2 lagi budak active macam IY, it takes a while for him to sleep. Tak sampai berapa saat, IY started struggle. Dia jerit “sudahla tu, bila nak abis ni?”. Pastu in a few seconds jugak…zzzzz!!!!

The nurse led me out to join Gee in the waiting area. Yang bestnye tu, Dr Razak sempat cakap “don’t worry mama, he’s in good hands. InsyaAllah, kejap je ni”. Very assuring. Dr Razak ni very kid friendly. Siap berpeluk sakan dengan IY. Tapi nama pun paediatrician kan, harus la kid friendly.

Ready for GA – that’s Dato’ Dr Wan NIk the anaesthetist

We went for brunch downstairs while waiting for IY. Left my number with the nurse and she promised to call me as soon as IY was out in the recovery. Tak sempat habis nasi, they called. Wahh cepatnye! Dalam 20 minutes je. Cepat2 naik atas balik and went to the recovery ward to see him. Only one parent was allowed to go in. Gee asked me to go. Bila masuk je, alahai, sayu tengok anak tengah tido dengan the oxygen mask. Terus hilang semua nakal2 dia. I sat by the bed watching his face. About 15 minutes, the nurse took off his oxygen mask and woke him up. He was groggy but alert.

Sayu je tengok

He just woke up. Asking where’s my hand for him to hold

And he dozed off again

IY was fasting since 6am for the GA. The first thing he asked when he opened his eye..”Mom, I’m hungry. I want milk”. Alahai kesian.

Bukak posa!

His real meal of the day

Ready to go home. Pakai jubah pak Arab la ye! IY takde kain pelikat lalalala!!

Jubah pun tak tahan lama. Sat je dah kotor. Terpaksa salin balik baju pagi tadi. I was worried that he was wearing pants too soon. Tapi tengok cara dia melompat, hilang dah worry tu!

He was walking and running and jumping already! Ye la kan..bius masih ada

Besar dah anak mama. Dah anak teruna.

Will write an entry later on his recovery.



9 thoughts on “IY’s circumcision

  1. alhmdulillh everything turned out well 🙂 mmg senang when they do it masa kecik ni. gibran pun buat masa about 3+ and that day itself dah panjat sofa. kekeke.. (p/s: i adore dr.razak!)

    • Sama la IY. Panjat2 macam tak de apa2 je. Typical boys.
      Yes Dr Razak best kan? My kids paed both ladies macam very motherly gitu, so when we see Dr Razak, his approach is a bit different. Refreshing la sikit dapat doctor lelaki for IY.

  2. Ya Allah, kesiannya I tgk IY masa belum sedar tu…sure sayu kan! dah 100% sembuh blom…adoy I wanted Aqib to be circumised masa lahir hari tu but due to complications dah terlepas…no mo abang adik sunat day..cousin sunat day pon jadi la! heheh

    • Yup kesian sangat. I have a close up picture nanti I show you. Saja je tak letak sini, tak sampai hati.

      95% sembuh dah..he’s wearing pants already!

      Haha…cousin sunat day! Years to come…let’s hope no infections along the way!

  3. I was all meleleh2 baca entry ni. Tah, apahal..sayu semacam.Part yg dia nak awak hold hand tu. And I love the pic that you love tu jugak 🙂

    • I totally understand. KIta jadi sayu semacam je. DIa punya nak pegang tangan tu kalah orang yang in labour nak beranak. Tak lepas!

      Kita sayu masa dia pakai oxygen mask tgh tido tu, Fuhh…masa tu dah bergenang air mata dah. Cair hati.

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