Z’s first hospital admission

Z spiked a high fever last Thursday 3 May 2012. It was supposed to his first day to daycare but we had to postpone it. His temperature ranged between 38C to 39C and he was cranky all the time. Wanting to be held and carried all the time. Kesian sangat tengok dia. Kesian jugak kat mama ayah ni. Mama sampai sakit2 badan especially when Z wanted to sleep in a very weird position on MY body. Keras je la static mama ni. Ahh well, asalkan dia tidur lena. We gave him paracetamol every 6 hours and wet his hair every now and then (coz he hates the wet cloth on the forehead). Malam2 he would go as high as 39.2c and I had to put the tablet med into his butt. The temp would go down after a while but dalam 2-3 hours Z will be burning up again. Bila peluk dukung dia boleh rasa bahang woo. Panas!

Lepas IY’s appointment at DSH for the circumcision, I rushed Z to PCMC to see his Dr Sharmila. She did a blood test to rule out dengue. Waited for 15 minutes for the results and alhamdulillah no dengue. It’s viral fever. She sent us home and said Z should be alright in a couple of days. Just monitor the temperature and give him pcm every 6 hours.

The weekend went by and Z’s still the same. Burning and cranky. Monday morning came and he was still at 38c even after the butt tablet. Argh! I can’t go to work in peace like this lah! Gee insisted I took Z to Dr Sharmila again in the morning while he stayed at home with IY who was recovering from the circumcision.

Dr Sharmila examined Z and she wanted another round of blood test. She asked me if I am okay with Z being admitted. She wanted to monitor him closely. This mommy pasrah  je lah. Admit pun admit lah asalkan sihat.

For mommies out there yang anak penah kena admit hospital will agree with me that staying in the hospital when you are not sick adalah sangat bosan. I was just counting the hours and praying that Z will be ok as soon as possible so that we could go home. Luckily I had my laptop. Some office work helped to kill the time. Although in reality most of the time I was busy melayan Z. Feed him, cuddle and carry  him, took him to the playroom and not forgetting staying static on the bed when he slept on my chest.

Last but not least, my other activity – taking pictures! Takde keje kan. Tu je keje la dok buat duduk dalam hospital tu. Layan je la pictures of Z’s day in Prince Court on 7 May 2012.

Welcome to ward 6B

Baru dapat bilik. Great view. Alhamdulillah.

In a good mood despite the fever

Koyak and playing with the tissue – whatever makes him happy, mama is happy too

We brought his quilt to make him feel at home..ada bau rumah sikit

Z’s sleeping positions – mama kebas!

When he was really cranky maybe sebab bored tak boleh nak bebas roaming around, I brought him out to the playroom kat luar bilik. That kept him occupied sekejap.

The playroom in front of the nurse station

Ada playhouse – yang ni IY yang over

Seronok dia dapat main

Dah pandai nak berkawan – dia dok ikut je budak tu mana pegi..pastu dok oohh ahhh ahh kat budak tu macam nak ajak sembang..comel!

Z’s temperature was stable throughout the night. That made Dr Sharmila happy. They monitored him very very closely. Checking him every hour or so. The next day we got the clearance to go home. Happy and lega sesangat!

Ayah and Abang came to visit that night. Yeay!

Can’t wait to go home

Among the food served for Z – chicken porridge, rice porridge with carrot puree + mashed potatoes and rice porridge with spinach puree + mashed potatoes

Now boleh la Z pegi taska! Will write an entry on his first day to daycare nanti.


8 thoughts on “Z’s first hospital admission

  1. ohmygoodness ksiannya Z ni… i seriously cannot bear looking at babies sick and hospitalised. when my babies are hospitalised i get sooooo stressed out. i’m glad he’s recovered now! and IY dah jadi big boy! alhamdulillah!

    ooh but can i just say that the paed ward in prince court is so best lah. hahaha macam batak tak. i’m used to pathetic assunta and dsh. gahhh

    • Tu lah kan..I’m bersyukur that is not that sick compared to other patients. I see other mommies muka dah lemau je duduk lama sangat kot kat sana. Kesian.

      Ahaa..PCMC punya ward mmg best. Mmg that made the hospital stayed much bearable. And guess what? They are not that expensive either. RM150 per night single bed. Kalau DSH 160 dapat double bedded (IY punya room masa circum).

      I notice yang mahal kat PCMC ni tang makan sendiri je. Mommy had to order separately and the price is hotel-like. No food court mcm KPJs.Alternatively, daddy had to tapau and bring to me.

  2. dia takde package mom-baby ke? Ampu3 biasa adakan…like masa IY admit dulu. Anyway beshnya tgk baby food provided…kecian dia line dah pasang tapi drip x on kan.

    • Takde package. Food dia specialized utk baby je. Tapi sedap la. Lupa nak ami gambar dessert for baby siap ada banana puree la, papaya puree/juice.

      A’ah doctor standby the line sebab dah cucuk masa amik darah for blood test. Luckily tak payah drip apa2 sebab he was doing well (minum susu, makan and active).

      But guess what, malam tu dia cabut sendiri needle tu tau…meleleh2 darah….terus nurse cabut je terus. Ganas betul Z.

  3. mcm best jek prince court nih.. how about the paed ok x? last time aariz warded kt tawakal mmg kene byr skit la coz we ask for single room.

    eh apsal i suke ek kalo warded haha not la suke anak sakit but bile kt spital boleh relax hahhaa

    • PCMC mmg best in term of service.. Z is covered by ING under my office benefits, so alhamdulillah lucky us. Sini semua bilik single. Only special cases (need special observation or siblings masuk hospital serentak) baru dia ada double bedded (which is 2 single rooms combined – besar gile.

      Single room is RM150. Kalau upgrade sikit is RM250. Upgrade means dapat toiletries, tea coffee, slippers, robe.

      Paed pun bagus. Z’s is Dr Sharmila and IY is Dr Anna. I suka sebab I notice they don’t simply kasi ubat. Seboleh2 dia nak suruh sembuh sendiri with own antibody.

      Lagi satu I notice, paed my kids ni bukan medically je dia check, Dr Sharmila suka tanya pasal development jugak. Contoh masa Z kecik baby dulu dia tanya “how’s the abang coping with the adik? don’t neglect abang, make sure u hug him selalu and tell him u love him” berkali2 dia pesan kat I.

      Ahaa..suka dok hosp eh? hehe….ada time bila dorang tgh tido tu kita relax la kejap dapat tido jugak…tapi bila dia cranky. ya allah! tak tahan..mama nak balik! Hehe….

      • in my case sbb anak2 i mmg cpt kene brochintis. so dealing with nebulizer tu sgt2 penat coz kene g berulang2 so better warded easier. dr sharmila ek nanti boleh la try coz lut pun slalu rekemen prince court dia ckp mmg best. with rm150 x payah upgarde room coz insurans office cover rm150 jek.

  4. Openg, kalau bronchitis I suggest Dr Anna Padma tu (IY’s paed). She’s a specialist in the lungs, batuk, asthma ni. Kalau tak silap head paed situ gak.

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