Z’s first day at daycare

Z’s first day on 14 May 2012 was such a breeze for me. He didn’t cry one bit. Senang hati mama.

I brought his own food as Z is still tooth-less. His food needs to be blended still.  I prefer if he eats food that I cook for him. Maybe later bila dah ada gigi boleh la makan dengan abang kakak lain. I don’t want to trouble the daycare to cook for him especially. Nak kena blend bagai lagi.

His recipe still macam biasa – chicken with either pumpkin, carrot, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, spinach, apples, pears or corn. I will mix and match combination of 2-3 items in one dish. He loves it!

First day I bekalkan more or less the same amount that we usually feed him at home. Then I received sms from the sitter that he ate a lot and macam tak cukup je. Wahh, that’s very surprising! He eats a lot at daycare! Bagus dik. Satu peningkatan yang memberansangkan!

Second day I double up the porridge and finish. Good job Z!

But but but (ada tetapi rupanya)…they told me that Z ni susah nak tidur. Hmmm….true true…Dia ni suka nak berdodoi berdondang sayang. When he’s too sleepy he gets cranky. I hope they are being sabar with him in the sleeping department. Good luck Aju!

Hopefully next week Abang IY has fully recovered to join Adik Z at daycare. Cuti lama sangat dah tu. Cikgu Treetop pun dah call tanya. Cepat sembuh bang!



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