IY’s circumcision – The recovery

IY went through the laser cut method. Dr Razak said it’s a method of no stitching, no bleeding and no clamping. He didn’t even have to wear the cup to protect the wound.

The first few days was quite a breeze for IY (and us) coz he was on the painkiller. Makan ubat 3 times a day and peeing with no fuss. At home he will just be in his tshirt and wild free bottom-less. Haha! Bila keluar rumah (to the grandparents’ je pun), baru kasi pakai jubah je. Dia takde kain pelikat kecik. But even if he has one, I don’t think the kain bertahan lama kat dia.

Biasanya pesakit akan baring je and the kain will be tied sangkut tinggi kat tengah2 so that it won’t touch the wound kan? I was thinking, with IY, I don’t think that’s gonna happen. And memang that did not happen pun. He’s like an Energizer bunny rabbit. Tak reti duduk diam!

Masuk mid week, the wound started to dry up and painkiller dah habis. He started to complaint sakit. Peeing time was an agony for him. Menangis melalak sakit. Tolong mama, sakit mama. Abang sakit! Kesian sangat! Tapi right after that, melompat balik. Oh I have to add this – his pee went on like water sprinklers!! Bercabang sana sini. Hahaha! Jenuh basuh toilet.

There’s one incident – he peed on his bed sebab tak sempat ke toilet. Imagine the “water sprinklers”!! Arghhh stress mak mengelap katil, mengelap dinding, mop bilik segala at 2am!! Sebab tak sure mana pee to pegi, I had to take the safe route to clean the whole suspected area.

After 7 days, it’s time for his follow up with Dr Razak. He said the wound is okay. Exactly like what it should be. There’s a build up of black dried skin covering the wound that hurt when it’s too kering.  I did mention he cries when he pees, but doc said that’s normal. Kena tunggu the dried black skin to fall off and he should be fine in another week. Dr Razak cleaned his wound with alcohol swab. Slowly when the new skin underneath dah heal, it should not bleed when the black skin fall off. That’s why tak boleh kopek (but IY ni gatal tangan nak kopek..grrr). Kalau kopek, it will bleed. Bila balik rumah I went to the pharmacy and bought a whole box of alcohol swab to clean his wound sama macam doctor buat. Cuci tepi2 je ada darah sikit2 meleleh.

We were advised to soak him in a bath tub filled with salt water. That should do to the trick to soften the skin and it will fall off easily without pain. And doc suruh mandi selalu! Did I mention he refused to mandi? Ya Allah, almost seminggu tak mandi ok? Dia takut sangat sakit birdie! So when the doc told him face to face to mandi, rendam birdie dalam bath tub selalu cepat sembuh..maka senang la kerja mama ni nak paksa dia masuk shower. Memang cepat the dried skin fall off lepas rendam dalam salt water everyday. Garam ni garam biasa je yang masak tu tau. Dalam 10 table spoon cairkan dalam 1/2 jug air panas pastu add dalam bath tub tu. Add air paip sampai dia suam-suam kuku. I pakai bath tub baby Z je. Dia duduk rendam dalam tu for about 20-30mins.

Borong angkut beli

Salt spa session..hehe!

Day 13, he started wearing pants. Little bit of crying when peeing. And no more “water sprinklers”. He’s a sharp shooter now! Haha!! The wound pun dah start itchy means it is getting better.

Day 14, the last piece of the dried skin fall off right after his salt water session.

Day 16, I wanted him to go back to school tapi ayah kata one more day kasi cuti. Reason – he complained sakit masa pakai spender. I said no need la spender. Then the school pants tu ada zipper, that’s very risky..hehe! So we went to buy him track bottoms to replace the school pants temporarily. I’m sure the teacher won’t mind. Also I’m thinking of boxers for him. Tengah cari the right size. Aritu jumpa for big boys je ada.

And today is Day 17, he’s back to school.

So untuk mommies yang bakal anak2 nak bersunat tu, I hope my entry ni boleh jadi panduan and warning on what to expect on the recovery process. Good luck!!



4 thoughts on “IY’s circumcision – The recovery

    • Haha! Memang bercabang pun..kiri kanan atas bawah!

      Korang pun ada circum ye? Didn’t know that. Yes, when you have a son..come back and read this entry k?

      Now I need a girl to buy your stuff!! Hehe!!

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