Shopping: Liz Othman

If you know me by know from my writings, I’m a sucker when it comes to hand made stuff. I envy mommies out there yang pandai buat itu ini. Be it jahit menjahit ke, baking membaking ke, lukis melukis, crafty stuff buat accessories ke…boleh buat duit from those skills. Boleh jadi Work At Home Mom (WAHM). *Pu3 turns green*.

I wrote about Snazzy N Such and Pumpkin Mumy from my previous entries.

Today’s shopping website is Liz Othman Kidswear.

I found her dah lama dah dulu masa blog hop nak cari orang jahit baju melayu for babies. Then I saw her jubahs for boys which I love so much! Usually jubah dapat as souveniers kalau sapa2 pegi Mekah kan. So when I saw her jubah for boys yang sangat trendy and modern, I was hooked! My first purchase was for Raya 2011. The fabric sangat berkualiti. Not the type yang cotton cincai kecut masuk dryer.

And her website ada cart system which I find very efficient. Cuma ada satu yang tak best. Selalu je takde stock. Well, that’s expected though sebab she doesn’t mass produce her products. Which makes it unique. But she replies to my emails fairly quick. Bukan jenis seller yang berkurun tak balas email biar kita tertunggu-tunggu.

She makes baju melayu too – with a twist

For girls lagi banyak choice..ishh if I had a girl, abis la abis!

I plan to purchase my next item for the boys soon for something special happening in July.

I will write more on handmade items that I have purchased or the local websites that I have been eyeing to purchase. Beli barangan buatan Malaysia. Don’t underestimate them. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Shopping: Liz Othman

  1. i like reading abt your shopping adventures! keep em coming pls! tension btol liz othman ni tak sell above 6 yrs old punye size … gibran is more like a 7-8 yr old punye height.

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