Turning one in one

Our little Z is 11 months today.

As cliché as it may sound – how time flies!

He cut his first tooth a week a go and it wasn’t easy for him. My poor baby spiked a high grade fever – 40.3C! Gigi punya pasal. Demam lagi! We had to rush him to PCMC ER tengah2 malam buta sebab dia macam nak kena fever fit. He kinda freeze up his body tegang keras semacam pastu he screamed at the top of his lungs before started crying non stop. Gile takut lah! Terus pass him to Gee coz our second thought was he ‘saw’ something! Gee recited the ayat Al-Quran to his ubun2 and calm him down. He relaxed a bit but the temperature was still high. That happened twice. The first was at 10pm. When it happened again at 130am, we tak fikir panjang dah, terus angkat the sleeping IY into the car and brought Z to PCMC ER. Hantu ke apa ke..kena hantar doctor gak!

When we arrived, they rushed me to the triange and took his weight and temperature. When they saw his temp was 40C above..they asked me to give him a shower right there and then in the toilet! Then the sleepy doctor came (heh!) and checked on him. Inserted the butt med and another round of mandi! But this time it was on the hospital bed itself. Ada lapik yang kalis air tu. 3 nurses basahkan badan dia, perah air atas kepala, belakang badan and his birdie too. He screamed gile2 punya looking at me helplessly. I had to take a step back and just watch in tears.

Then they took his temp every 15 minutes and only let us go when his temperature was 38-ish. That took us about 2 hours! 330am baru balik rumah.

He was all okay after 2 days. Appetite came back after 3-4 days. And today he woke up with all smiles. Ahhh bliss!

Zayyan Umar @ 11 months

I heart you, baby!



6 thoughts on “Turning one in one

  1. Sian dia. Alhamdulilah dah sihat.. Takut and sebak I baca, if me.. tak tau nak buat ape kot.. Qirah klu demam panas sbb infection pun dah gelabah, ni kan yg nangis cam gitu. Moga anak2 kita dilindungi oleh NYA, nak ada gigi punya pasal ye Z

    • Tu la kesian sangat. I pun tak tau nak buat apa sebenarnya. Bila anak sakit terus jadi mental block kadang2 tu.

      InsyaAllah anak2 kita dilindungi.Amin.

      Yezza…gigi punya pasal…tu baru sebatang tu! Tapi I think the first yang paling seksa kot. Lepas ni yang lain2 tu sap sap soi hopefully!

  2. Ohh poor baby!! Kesiannnnya. Nasibbb he’s ok now insyaAllah. One in one month.. My goodness yes time zooms by

  3. Mmg gelabah gile bila baby having his 1st tooth le.. If ur baby demam, my baby kena fever + diarrhoea for a week. Sampai 3 kali le pegi GP! Lastly, jumpa paed, ckap he’s having his 1st tooth… Mmg tak senang duduk le

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