IY’s Birthday Walk

The Birthday Walk has finally arrived. Birthday boy kan cuti panjang aritu. So after he went back to school, I finally managed to give his pictures to his teacher.

Ordered a rainbow cake from Sue. Bought the party packs stuff from various wholesellers (which I will blog about soon). Tak sempat nak buat yang fancy2 pun. Biasa2 je belasah je. IY’s kindy is very particular about the party packs and the cake we bring. The cake must not be too sweet, not too much icing and no nuts. The party packs must not have titbits or jajan merepek inside. So I settled for a mini pack of chipsmore, a stationery set, balloons and party eye mask.

Helping me to organize the party packs the night before

After sending off IY & Z in the morning, we went to pick up the cake and rush sekejap ke Putrajaya to run some wedding errands (which by the way is so so near – sending out invites pun stress rupanya!). By 11-ish we arrived Treetop and the kids were ready for us. The teacher asked me to narrate each of his pictures to the class. Alamak! *blush* but I did it anyway. I can never be a kindy teacher. Macam berdebar je budak2 tu pandang kita tak berkelip. Haha!

While I was narrating, IY stood up in the middle of the circle. When I was done, Ms Sara took out the cake and everybody sang for IY. After the cake cutting, Ms Sara took the cake away and told us that they will only serve the cake after lunch as desserts. Sangat patuh anak2 itu semua menunggu lunch time. I thought ada yang meroyan nak makan cake sekarang. Bagus anak-anak!

Kita layan pictures ya!

I was showing his pictures to him before explaining to his friends..dia kena check dulu!

Standing in the middle of the class

“Hi kids..this is Ilhan when he was 1 year old..he just started walking..this picture was taken on his first birthday”

Semua pay attention tengok mama Ilhan

Ms Sara let him put his own candles on his cake

Ms Elaine lighting the candles

“Happy Birthday to Ilhan…Happy Birthday To Youuuuu”..tersengih2 mamat nih!

Potong cake sendiri

One for the album



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