Shopping: Wholesellers

I’m currently in the party planning mode. So here I am sharing with you where I get most of my party supplies.

1. Joe Meng Trading

This shop is in Taman Melawati just next to Kohilal. I love this shop because it has variety of stuff to choose from. Also sebab this shop is in Melawati – a place I’m familiar with. From party hats to balloons to sweets to cookies to colouring books to paperbags. Semua ada. At wholesale price. Food brands pun banyak choice from the reputable ones to made-in-I-don’t-know-where ones. Please choose wisely when buying party packs for kids. The unknown brands might be cheaper tapi please consider the kids health and well being ya. As for me, I always always screen dulu any party packs IY dapat and only let him have the okay ones only.

However, kedai ni too packed. Sempit sangat dalam dia. Kalau tengah ramai orang, memang berlaga bahu la jawabnye. But I guess that’s expected for a wholesale shop. Kalau nak berlenggang kangkung ber aircond bagai, sila ke Tesco ye puan2.

Inside the kedai – very sempit aisle

Stocking up on IY’s cookies. Dia bawak bekal pi sekolah.

2. Plaza GM in Jalan Haji Taib

This is my newly found place to shop for my party supplies. Oh my God! Sungguh teruja dengan choices of stuff with the oh so cheap prices. Thanks to a dear friend who runs Razzle Dazzle Party Box yang recommend this place to me. The place reminds me of Pasar Baru in Bandung. A 7 storey building jam packed with people and everything to be bought in bulk. Bukan party supplies je ada. Brooches, tudung, watches, wallets, toys, baju *oh nak list pun dah penat*.

What’s not to like here? Ada. The lifts are slow and usually penuh je. Even the sellers use the customer lifts to load their stocks. Penuh lift dengan berguni2 barang dia je. Don’t even think of taking your strollers here. Babywear please. Even better, don’t bring babies. And to save your wallet, don’t bring kids! IY wanted every little toys he saw. Bank Negara pun boleh bankrap kalau layan IY punya nak nak nak.

We went there searching for stuff to buy for IY’s Birthday Walk. Sadly, I didn’t bring my phone so no pictures lah. Sorry korang. But I have the map though. If I go again, I’ll take pictures ok?

Plaza GM – Location

RM 1 each – sold in packs of 12

This bubble sword is RM1 each in a box of 36. This is easily more than RM5 elsewhere

Ni panggil apa eh? IY suka sangat main ni – it’s like the helicopter pusing2 tu. Bought these for RM15 for 40 pieces i.e. 38sen each

3. Syarikat Perniagaan Wakim Sdn Bhd

Here I bought the paper bags. Cheapo cheapo I tell you! I can’t review much sebab I didn’t go sendiri. Hubby darling yang tolong pergi belikan. He managed to snap pictures from the outside.  And they don’t only sell paper bags. Macam2 lagi ada. Mostly food containers. Check it out ya!

White paper bags with handles

Various lunch bags

Located in Kampung Baru

Hope the above helps! Do share if you want to recommend other wholesellers too.


13 thoughts on “Shopping: Wholesellers

  1. yeay..give me idea what to give for next hakeem’s & umar’s birthday. tapi sadly masa tu mama dlm pantang! Nak buat camne beranak yang 1st & 2nd in Jan. Yang ketiga plak in Dec. Kat Taman Permata pun ada kedai macam Joe Ming. Takdela crowded sgt! And yes, i pun screen first their birthday goodie bag!

  2. wowww..thanks so much for the info babe! after this confirm permintaan mama zahra najwa mengalahkan nak nak nak IY. Lepas ni i boleh beli utk birthday bash diorg next time..sgt suke!!!

    • You’re most welcome!

      Before pergi Plaza GM tu better ada list apa nak beli. The place is so big and kalau tak tetap iman, mmg rambang mata abis duit dalam poket!

      Bilakah birthday bash anak2 gadis itu? Hehehehe!

  3. kalau dr Old Town Kopitiam Taman Permata tu, shoplot belakang tu. Nearby kedai runcit bajaria (signboard hijau). Sebelah kedai sparepart motor. Ada loyalty card you (daftar guna no ic). Dapat 10%. Siap boleh minta discount on item lagi. Dapatla kurang sehinggit, 2 hinggit.

  4. birthday bash anak2 gadis itu akan dibuat next yr..this year mini2 celebration jer…:D

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