Ok let’s talk about mommy’s stuff pulak.

Siapa tak kenal Poplook sila angkat tangan! I mula kenal Poplook masa confinement Z dulu ( I guess there’s no secret now what was my activity masa pantang, ey?) :P.

Anywayyy, I love Poplook sebab the prices are reasonable, they have lots of colours and design to choose from, banyak designs adalah labuh, longgar and tidak jarang. Suitable for the hijabis. The postage is FOC and super fast! Superlike!

Rasanya ramai yang suka shop kat PL ni..even the celebs! Sazzy Falak, Lisa Surihani..just to name a few. Disebabkan I suka sangat PL, I can tell if somebody is wearing one..for instance, IY’s kindy teacher! Haha!

Tapi sangat cepat sold out!! If they announce new arrival dalam FB, sila la cepat gi tengok. If not, kena tunggu lagi for restock.

And of course, when you buy online, you cannot try so it’s like a trial and error thingy. That’s the downside of it. Although they have return service, sangat leceh lah. The models are super skinny so you need to read the measurements very carefully. Cantik kat model tak semestinya cantik kat kita.

Among my favourites!

Henley Tunic – I have this in soooo many colours!

Arabian Maxi dress – bought this but it made me look pregnant. So err, simpan dulu sampai betul2 pregnant nanti. Which is lambaaaattt lagi!

Aliya Tunic – sampai hari ni belum berjaya beli sebab asyik sold out!

Brenda Blouse – I kinda love this one tapi tak beli pun. Still hesitate coz I’m afraid on how it’s gonna look on the butt. My butt la to be precise! Haha!!

Portia Maxi Dress – I bought this in pink and wore it under my abaya. Abaya tu button up atas je so that the pink fabric inside nampak. Suka tapi pakai gi office je coz susah nak bf

Braid Maxi Dress – Love their dresses too! Yang ni cantik if worn with a cardi, kan? But I’m not ready to pull off a dress yet. Where to hide this tummy? Don’t wanna end up people asking “bila due?”

What’s your favourite?



12 thoughts on “Shopping:

  1. Put3, sell the arabian dress to me. U nak pakai lambat lg kan…

    The braid maxi dress tu (i la..) i pakai corset. Tapi mine not the braid. Ala-ala. Tapi sukar nk BF. Baru boleh cover boncits!.. wear it with cardi. I ada pakai masa pi Cuci The Musical….

  2. I love wearing maxi dress. tapi sekarang macam tak pakai sbb same problem with uols, bf. so,my favourite outfit now is chiffon tops and tights.

    • Nanti lepas dah graduate bf boleh la pakai dress balik.

      Kita of course la tak leh pakai tights. The closest maybe skinny jeans tapi still I don’t have the butt for it. Heh!

  3. pu3 i ade some collection yg aliya tunic time diorg x cepat sold out like now. skang ni adoiiii i baru nak bkk ngadap sume dah sold out??? dah le skang choice cantek. stress mak

    • Openg,

      Lagi satu I like sebab they listen to customers. I always see they put up questions kat FB status and people reply on what kind of baju they want. And Poplook actually take note on those comments and requests.

  4. Babe, mine also i byk beli from of it yg brenda blouse color pumpkin tu..yg u post after buying it doesn’t suit me sgt..maybe because the color .it looks dull sket dr original yg dipost..but i pakai jer..dah beli kan..but above all i mmg heart gile dress die and the materials mmg comfort..

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