Flu and orange

Z’s been having flu since last week. It gets worse when he starts to cough. Kesian dia tak reti nak keluarkan kahak. When he coughs macam terseksa je. As usual when hidung dia start berair, I up kan my Vitamin C. Tapi when his flu started to get worse, I know I had to do more than just increasing my dosage of supplements.

So what do I do?

Setiap hari I buy the 1L of Orange Peel Fresh and that is my main drink for the day in the office. Selain plain water of course.

1L of Peel Fresh everyday

Then I bought oranges to eat as my dessert after dinner at home. Tapi I think I went overboard sebab sakit perut la pulak. Haha!

So I was thinking, apa nak buat dengan buah oren selambak ni?

I put it in Z’s porridge! I usually put apples or pears in his porridge. Orange tak pernah lagi. I was worried it will taste tak sedap, but when I had a bite, not bad la..sedap jugak. Maybe not as sweet as apples but he took it well.

Everyday, Z’s porridge will have oranges included in his chicken/fruit/vege combo. He had:

  • chicken+carrot+orange+sweet corn,
  • chicken+broccoli+spinach+orange,
  • chicken+carrot+potatoes+orange
  • also I gave him to suckle on oranges tapi sikit2 je la takut dia sakit perut

…just to name a few combos. Yes, I’m a fan of chicken. Jarang kasi fish to him.

Before blend – that’s carrot tau..oranges tak nampak dah sebab dah hancur masa masak tu

I guess it worked!

His flu and cough is getting better now. No more mucus when he sneezes. And just lots of tahi hidung (excuse me!) signs that the mucus is drying up. In the morning, tahi mata pun takde dah. Kalau masa flu, Z had lots of yellow discharge kat mata and bila bangun pagi he can’t open his eyes coz melekat! I was this close of taking him to the paed last week masa suara dia serak tu. Tapi I held back, sebab fikir nak try jugak biar dia sembuh sendiri. Although at the back of my mind, still ada this tiny worry that his cough will turn to something else. Nauzubillah!

Alhamdulillah. Strong boy anak mama. He’s one tough cookie!



2 thoughts on “Flu and orange

  1. alhamdulillah, bagus Z, strong boy! last wk ilan had the flu and cough too, but dah chesty, so it was back on the inhalers for him. sigh. now i nak try orange method ni.

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