Wedding Amrun-Najwa: Akad Nikah

Pejam celik..the nikah day is finally here and my not-so-little-anymore brother is now someone’s husband.

The akad nikah ceremony was scheduled on 8 June 2012 at 3pm right after the Friday prayers. Since the distance from our house to the bride’s house was quite time consuming with the traffic and solat time, we decided to be there earlier. We made a pit stop at the bride’s auntie’s house not so far from hers. Orang Melayu panggil “rumah bertanggak”. Duduk sama KL-Selangor pun dah kena ada rumah bertanggak these days. Crazy traffic la katakan.

Oh Z was having fever since the day before. Another tooth coming out. Timing of the tooth and demam was so off! Tapi kesian dia. And this mommy redha saja lah. I had to go through the wedding with Z’s condition anyway. And to make things more dramatic, he puked on me about 15 mins before we were about to leave the rumah bertanggak. Dalam orang tengah sibuk bersiap, kira dulang and nak sort siapa bawak dulang yang mana.. Uweekkkk!!! There goes my tudung! His tiny baju melayu pun kena tapi sempat cuci sikit and letak bawah kipas coz material tu senang kering. My tudung however, tidak dapat diselamatkan. My last resort was to wear the earlier tudung I was wearing in the morning when we came. Nasib baik colour match. If not, hmmm…I might just have to pretend I was pulling off a colour blocking style or somesort. Haha!

Anywhooo, the show must go on. Me smelling baby puke will not stop me from seizing the day. Of course it will stop me from salam peluk berlaga pipi muah muah with people though. I tried to avoid that! I braved through carrying cranky Z jalan slow2 je behind the pack. I tak bawak dulang. Z was sleeping when we arrived the bride’s house but later woke up and started to baby talk right before tok kadi nak start khutbah nikah. I took the kids to the empty TV room kat tepi tu and hide in there. From there I could see jugak the crowd outside cuma tak boleh nak focus biji butir sebab berdukung dancing2 dengan Z sambil geram dengan IY yang tak paham bahasa tengah sibuk dok tekan nak try pasang TV. Mama, boleh tak abang nak tengok Oggy? Mama, kena tekan butang ni ke? Mama, ni yang macam TokMan nyanyi kat rumah tu ke? Mama this Mama that! Grrrr!!!

So back to the solemnization ceremony, the couple sah jadi husband and wife after one lafaz. Alhamdulillah. *teary eyed*. Rasa tak percaya he is now a husband. Bila teringat zaman nakal dia dulu, lagi la tak percaya. *boy oh boy, this brother of mine is a true case of a Second Child Syndrome*. Haha!!

Lepas makan it’s time for family pictures and we were done for the day.

These are sneak peaks from our official photog – Myshots Wedding. Nanti when the album siap, will post more photos!

Welcome to the family – SIL!

Selamat Pengantin Baru – Amrun & Najwa

Mereka adalah sama-sama tinggi

Us and our boys!

Next up..the bride’s reception at Tropicana Golf!



5 thoughts on “Wedding Amrun-Najwa: Akad Nikah

  1. Aa cam tak caya je. Teringat masa gi tanjung’s family day kat melaka zaman tok kadok tu.. Budak lagi masa tu 🙂

    Hmmm I’m so wanted to know what is 2nd child syndrome.. I thought 2nd child independent cam I, garang.. Garang ke I ni?

    • Menurut theory..2nd child selalu lain sikit dengan adik beradik lain..either dia terlebih garang, terlebih naughty, dia punya rebel lain sikit lah. Selalunya 2nd child ni yang buat mak bapak pening lebih sikit.

      Whether it’s proven or not…apa kata survey?

      • hahahah.. betul la kot.. i lain dari my bro n sis but bukan rebel, more penyengap n buat hal sendiri n rasa my mom tak pening2 psl i as compare to my other siblings 🙂

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