Wedding Amrun-Najwa: Tropicana Reception

The bride’s family held a reception for the newlyweds on Saturday 9 June 2012 at Tropicana Golf and Country Resort. Nice!

It was a full swing of a Malay traditional theme lengkap dengan hulubalang siap! My other brother was the pengapit. Guess what IY asked upon seeing the other uncle walking down the aisle with the maid of honour? “Eh Ayah Chik kahwin jugak ke? Kahwin dengan siapa pulak tu?”. Aren’t kids the cutest! LOL!!

He was also puzzled as to why there are so many weddings? He asked “Ayah Ngah nak kahwin dengan siapa pulak ni? Semalam kan dah kawin dengan Auntie Najwa?”. *gelak guling2*

Little Z was no so well that night. Fever subsided but he started purging. He refused to eat and depended solely on my milk. I was getting worried. He pooped in the middle of the reception. Luckily the toilet was big and clean and had that baby board for diaper changing. I couldn’t focus into the reception sebab asyik melayan Z. Makan pun ala kadar je. Just gobbled up the food while MIL layan dia kejap. My mind kept wondering what’s wrong with little Z.

After the reception, I quickly grabbed our photographer and kumpulkan family members for family pictures. You know how everybody wants to take pictures with the newlyweds kan. Have to Q naik stage! Since Z was not well, I just wanted to rush home and nurse Z. He was uneasy and restless. Kesian tengok dia. Cepat2 amik gambar and we headed home.

It was a beautiful wedding I must say. I wish I could enjoy it more.

Again, Selamat Pengantin Baru!

Sneak peaks dulu..full album later!

Happy couple

Our entourage



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