Wedding Amrun-Najwa: Another reception

The bride held another reception at their home last weekend. This one was more relaxed and laid back. The newly weds berjalan-jalan menyambut tetamu and had a quick bersanding, renjis2 sikit and back to mingling around with the guests.

Even the food tak macam kenduri kawin pun. Best! Ada lamb grill, chicken BBQ, char keow teow and even an ice cream parlour!

Pelamin adalah sangat cantik. Very nicely done. Sweet and soft. Everything about the wedding was oh so nice. IY was being IY, as usual running around (sikit lagi nak terjun pool – mama urut dada). Z was in such a good  mood, smiling and giggling away.

Pictures not so clear though..just from my phone. Later if I have from the photog, will tepek sini k?


He was a happy baby that night

Selamba dia je baring kat pelamin

Us us and us!

Next up..our reception this coming weekend. Praying it will go smooth as planned. And as for me personally, I pray that:

  • the cake will turn out cantik! Also for it to arrive the hall safe and sound. A 3 tier cake cake from Damansara to Putrajaya needs a lot of TLC!!
  • the hall deco will be awesome! Oooohhh I can’t wait to see the end result! Saw the sketches and the sample picture from the wedding planner. Rasa nak kawin balik bole?
  • all family members to be on time and semua sihat walafiat
  • makanan cukup and sedap dan no wastage
  • my boys to be sihat, well and behave! No cranky drama please!!! That reminds me, I need to bring an Ipad for IY just in case he’s bored running around. And extra baju too!
  • the pengantin to be sihat too. The bride was down with fever a couple of days ago. Hoping she recovers well for this Saturday
  • all in all..I hope this Saturday will be a memorable day for all of us

For those who know me and my family personally, hope to see you there. Please accept our humble apology should the wedding invites haven’t reached you yet. You may email/text me personally for the venue and time of the kenduri. We would be grateful if you could come. Semoga kehadiran anda semua dapat memberkati majlis kami. Amin.



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