Wedding Amrun-Najwa: Putrajaya Reception

The day has finally arrived. The day we’ve been planning for the past 6 months or so.’s all over and done with.

Glad that it went well (despite the hiccups here and there..adat la bermajlis kan). Glad that it’s over! Now I can put my feet up (if I can ever find where my feet are) and rest for a little.

No so many pictures in my camera. Tak sempat nak ber posing bagai. Just 1 or 2 je dalam keterpaksaan dan dalam kebz-an. Hoping the photogs have captured great shots.

As usual, sneak peaks taken from the FB and apa yang ada in my phone.

This is kinda my favourite. Romantic!

Baby Z and his K-Pop uncle (that explains the hairdo :P)

Carrying a baby on heels is hardwork. And I’m not even on stilettos! Wedges je. Still I can’t feel my legs at the end of the day

Little Z was such a darling. A happy baby throughout!

What about Abang IY? He’s just everywhere! At one point I just gave up asking him to stop running. Tapi yang best tu, songkok tak cabut the whole day! Melekat di kepala sampai habis kenduri

I finally can say this now…IT’S A WRAP!!



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